Do we need Bioshock 2 DLC?

28 Apr

Now I wasn’t crazy about the idea of Bioshock 2 even having an MP mode in the first place. I felt that such an amazing story driven game had no use for Multiplayer. I still stand by my original thoughts but the MP was not a total waste. It’s an enjoyable little extra but I would never give it the amount of time I put into a Call of Duty MP.

So is it really worth putting out DLC for this game? This week was supposed to be the release of the second pack of DLC entitled the “Rapture Metro Pack”. It has been delayed but in reality does anybody really care? I’m not trying to be cruel towards Bioshock in any way. Heck I shelled out the cash for the special edition. But the MP is not what I bought the game for.

I do admit that I bought the first DLC, Sinclair Solutions. At the time, I was pretty into playing the MP because I just couldn’t get enough of the game. And I’m sure half of the people that bought it shared my feelings. But now we at months later. If players haven’t traded the game in already, it’s collecting dust in their game rack until they feel like picking it up again. It’s just the inevitable path for games.

2K  made an amazing series with Bioshock. But we buy it and keep it for the story. For the replay value of the single player campaign. The MP was just lack luster in comparison.


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