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Weapons Overload

Oh Borderlands how I love your many weapons. But which ones should I choose to carry with me?

One of Borderlands greatest features is the fact that there are so many different weapons scattered across Pandora. There are literally millions of different weapons variations. High acuracy, high damage, fire damage, you name it. With all those weapons and only a small amount of space to carry them, what do you choose?

It is a smart idea to carry both long and short range weapons. Even if you like taking guys out from afar, the battle can turn into close combat real fast. Find yourself a good sniper and and a good shotgun (and everything in between) Having a vast array of different weapons it a smart idea.

It would also be wise to keep weapons that deal the most damage or can do elemental damage. As your level rises and you discover new places you will find that the enemies also have high levels. Higher damage weapons will assist you in defeating these guys. Also weapons that deal elemental damage, such as fire or electricity, will continue to deal damage after the round has been fired.

As for weapons you don’t care for, pick them up if you have the space. Some weapons are worth good money at the vending machines. Or for those who like to keep everything they pick up, check out the DLC called Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot. There you will find a Bank that can be used to store your many items.

Your main objective is to stay alive. You need weapons that are going to help you do so. So be smart with what you carry. It’s all about how you fight but don’t get caught carrying all one type of weapon. That will get you killed fast.

Happy hunting!

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Newer isn’t always better

It’s time for me to play devil’s advocate. Now before you get your boxers in a bunch, I am a fan of both Modern Warfare 2 and World at War.

There was a collective groan from Call of Duty gamers the day it was announced that after the great success of the first Modern Warfare, they had decided to return to World War II for the next game. How could Treyarch ignore the cries for another modern shooter game? It was a question that spammed forums everywhere.

Despite the many complaints from gamers everywhere, the game sold well over $1 million copies in its first month. I myself waited for reviews to come out before shelling out my $60. When I did get my hands on the game, I fell in love with it. As usual I glued myself to that one game for months, leaving all others to collect dust. Sure I missed the modern weapons of COD4 but the older weapons gave me more of a challenge.

Now we come to Modern Warfare 2. I swear I was going to explode with excitement during the last few days leading up to the release. The campaign story blew me away as did all the new perks and features of the multiplayer. But we soon were bombarded by glitchers and boosters looking for quick ways to rank up and annoy other players.

World at War had its share of problems don’t get me wrong but the fixes were quick and clean. Not only that but WaW had a public beta in which I’m sure many things were caught and fixed before the actual release. MW2 did have a beta but it was privately tested. I think that many of the issues we are seeing could have been fixed before the release had there been public testing.

The bottom line here is Call of Duty is an amazing game series. Modern Warfare 2 tried to give us so much at one time. I feel that maybe it was too much. Today I played WaW for the first time in months. I missed the simplicity of 3 set killstreaks and players actually caring about the objectives in game. I love both games but sometimes I might just pick up WaW over MW2.

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Rapture is Calling

February 9th is creeping closer and closer. That, my friends, is when we may all travel back to the amazing underwater city of Rapture. Ten years after the events of the first BioShock (which will make it 1970), this second installment will give us a few new things that makes us itch for February.

I have two words for you. Big Daddy. You know those big guys in diving suits that you would tip toe around. That is who you are. You heard it right, this time around you are the Big Daddy. Don’t worry everyone’s favorite little sisters are still around, again with the option of harvesting and rescuing them.

Another big new feature for BioShock 2 is Multiplayer, which is set in 1959 during the Rapture Civil War. The idea of a multiplayer could go either way with this game. It is my hope that it does not take away from the single player story. BioShock had an amazing story that kept the player engaged from beginning to end. That is what players will be looking for. For BioShock fans the multiplayer is an added bonus. We want this game for the story. That is why we return to Rapture.

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NHL 2010

Now that I’ve really sunk my teeth into let me give you my thoughts on NHL 2010. The one thing I always like about EA’s NHL series is that they do try to add new things each year they turn out a new one. They aren’t always big things but it gives the game a newer feel.

This year they brought out board play and first person fighting. Both small things but make the game just that much better. Board play is seen frequently in real games so why not include it in the video game. Fighting for the puck while pressing someone against the boards takes a few attempts to get it right but you’ll be a pro in no time.

First person fighting puts you in the skates of the player on the ice. Drop your gloves and throw some punches. The fights don’t last very long especially if you’re playing an online opponent but it is amusing none the less.

The popular Be a Pro game mode has returned for the 2010 season. However this time around you can play in a prospects game and get drafted. Or you can just choose your favorite team and start there. Either way you choose you must show your skills and make your way up though the AHL and into the NHL.

Overall EA made another great NHL game and defiantly deserved the Best Team Sports game at the VGA’s this year.

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