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Thank You Armed Forces

Take a second out of your gaming filled day today to remember that many men and women died to give you the freedom to do so (that and all the other freedoms we have).

So to our armed forces, thank you and Happy Memorial Day!

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MW2 Double XP

If you’re not really into the whole cookout and parade thing this Memorial Day, you might want to take advantage of this long weekend’s double XP on MW2. So if you’ve been waiting for a good time to prestige, now would be a smart time to do it. Get those pesky early levels out of the way quickly.

Also don’t forget to do your part for the Vets this Memorial Day by checking out the Call Of Duty Endowment (CODE). Enjoy the long weekend (those of you that have one)!!

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Activision Gives Back to Vets


The Call of Duty Endowment (CODE), a non-profit public benefit corporation, which helps soldiers transition to civilian careers after their military service. CODE focuses its resources on assisting organizations that provide job placement and training to veterans, as well as engaging the media and public forums to raise awareness about the issue. Activision Blizzard launched the organization in October 2009, with a commitment to donate and raise millions of dollars for the cause. To help guide the endowment, CEO Bobby Kotick has recruited an advisory board composed of respected veterans representing the various service branches. Just as our men and women in the armed forces fought to protect our nation and liberties, CODE will fight to ensure that they find a career they deserve on leaving the military.

Memorial Day is upon us gamers. It’s a time that should be spent honoring those who served and continue to serve our country. If you are looking for an easy way you can honor the Vets check out the CODE facebook page. Click on the “Like” button and Activision will increase their donation to HHUSA (Hire Heros USA) by $1.

So put down the controller for two seconds this long weekend and join in the effort.

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Can’t get enough of Red Dead Redemption?

Think it would make a freaking awesome movie? Well here’s something close.


Today Rockstar launched the teaser trailer for A Short Film Made From Red Dead Redemption, a 30-minute special chronicling the story of John Marston that was created using in-game footage by The Propositiondirector John Hillcoat. The episode airs at midnight this Saturday, May 29 on FOX. Watch the clip after the jump.

So if you’re stillĀ up at that hour, check it out. From the looks of it, it’s just a bunch of cut scenes glued together from the game but still looks worth watching.


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