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September 1st Approaches

As everyone should know by now September 1st will be a full reveal for the Call of Duty Black Ops Multiplayer. It’s going to be a red carpet event of EPIC proportions. The guessing games and speculation can finally be put to rest.

On an equally exciting note, I will be attending said red carpet event in LA. Myself and other select COD community VIPs along with assorted celebrities will be in attendance of this amazing COD awesomeness. So be sure to follow me on Twitter and keep an eye on the site as I will attempt to soak up anything and everything I see and squeeze it out onto the internetz.



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Remember Reach

A new live action trailer for Halo Reach was released yesterday and I have to say it’s pretty sick. I’m always impressed by these live action scenes that are produced to promote Halo. They maybe short but they pack a punch. Kinda makes me wish they would follow though on that movie they were going to do.


Halo Reach drops September 14th.


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Fan Fabricates Fallout 3 Awesomeness

Special thanks to my buddy Ian for alerting me to the existence of this epic fanboy work of art.

Super Fallout fan Ryan Palser created his own replica A3-21 Plasma Rifle from Fallout 3. Talk about dedication. This thing looks like it could take out an army of Super Mutants.

Now the plasma weapons were never my weapons of choice while roaming the wastelands but this thing is freakin epic.


Even is you don’t like Fallout, you have to admit that’s pretty damn impressive.


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Black Ops info from Gamescom

Treyarch’s Community Manager Josh Olin and Military Adviser Hank Keirsey answer a few questions about the upcoming Call of Duty Black Ops. Try not to get too distracted by the interviewers hair.

Note: Yes it’s pretty laggy but that’s how it ran even live. So get past the lag and the hair and listen to the info.

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