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Do we need Bioshock 2 DLC?

Now I wasn’t crazy about the idea of Bioshock 2 even having an MP mode in the first place. I felt that such an amazing story driven game had no use for Multiplayer. I still stand by my original thoughts but the MP was not a total waste. It’s an enjoyable little extra but I would never give it the amount of time I put into a Call of Duty MP.

So is it really worth putting out DLC for this game? This week was supposed to be the release of the second pack of DLC entitled the “Rapture Metro Pack”. It has been delayed but in reality does anybody really care? I’m not trying to be cruel towards Bioshock in any way. Heck I shelled out the cash for the special edition. But the MP is not what I bought the game for.

I do admit that I bought the first DLC, Sinclair Solutions. At the time, I was pretty into playing the MP because I just couldn’t get enough of the game. And I’m sure half of the people that bought it shared my feelings. But now we at months later. If players haven’t traded the game in already, it’s collecting dust in their game rack until they feel like picking it up again. It’s just the inevitable path for games.

2K  made an amazing series with Bioshock. But we buy it and keep it for the story. For the replay value of the single player campaign. The MP was just lack luster in comparison.


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Preorder Perks

Walk into any GameStop and you will defiantly see posters advertising a future games to preorder. Anytime you buy something the sales person will most likely ask “and would you like to preorder _____?” What are the real advantages to preordering your video games?

Most importantly it does guarantee that you get a copy of the game. Duhhhh.

What about special or limited edition versions of games? This is where preordering comes in real handy. Popular games like Modern Warfare, Bioshock 2, and Assassin’s Creed all had special editions of their game. Pay extra, get extra.

Now if you are a big fan of a certain game, I highly recommend you check out the different versions that will be released. I then recommend that you preorder it. Sure you might find this version sitting on a Best Buy shelf months after the release, but why take the chance?

The other thing that preorders are good for is free stuff! Posters, action figures, or in game downloads. Perks that are worth putting the $5 down on a preorder. Do your homework when you go to preorder a new game. Which stores are offering the best free stuff? What kinds of exclusives is each store offering? Can you get the game at Midnight? If it’s a game you love, it will be worth the wait.


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Pick Your Plasmid

One of the many great things that the original Bioshock gave us was Plasmids. Serums that rewrite your DNA and allow you to control powers such as electricity, fire, and ice. Of course these plasmids cost ADAM and since it can sometimes be hard to come by, which ones do you choose?

In Bioshock 2 the first plasmid is a freebie. Electro Bolt is sitting, waiting for you at the Gatherer’s Garden at the beginning of the game.  It is one of your most valuable plasmids that I recommend keeping with you at all times. I mean Rapture is an underwater city. All those leaks can be used to your advantage in a fight. Are your victims standing in a puddle? With a flick of your fingers your attacker is dead.

Incinerate! is another one I always recommend keeping on you at all times. Not only does it set your attacker (and anyone they touch) on fire but it comes in very handy when you come across some ice. This plasmid is useful when you come across entire doorways blocked by ice. You might even find some ammo and first aid lodged in there.

Telekinesis can be useful at times but I think that there are others that can be put ahead of it. If I was low on slots I think I might choose Winter Blast before Telekinesis. Freeze your enemies and take free shots at them while they are immobile. Quite useful if your battling a Big Daddy and need a second to grab some health nearby. One downside though, if you kill an enemy that is frozen, don’t expect any loot. Their body crumbles to pieces leaving you with nothing. Let them thaw before delivering your final blow.

There are 11 plasmids to choose from in Bioshock 2.  Mix it up and try different ones if you have the ADAM or level up your favorite ones. Find out what works for you!

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Bioshock 2 MP

When I first heard that Bioshock 2 would be getting a multiplayer mode my heart dropped. Why would they ever do something like this to a game that had so much success with its story alone the first time around? I thought about all the wasted time that would go into this MP that could potentially ruin the single player mode.

I put my fears to rest last week. After getting a good chunk of the single player under my belt my boyfriend and I took a stab at the MP. This mode has a story of its own, taking place during the Rapture Civil War just before the events of the original Bioshock.

Some of the maps will give you the warm fuzzy feeling of familiarity as they were taken from the original game. You are able to carry two guns and two plasmids. As you gain experience and level up you will gain new weapons, plasmids, and tonics.

The game modes range from deathmatch types to objective types. I especially enjoy “Capture the Little Sister”. One team must capture the little sister and get her to the designated vent. The other team must protect the little sister from the offending team.

In these game modes one player will either start as a Big Daddy or the Big Daddy suit will appear at random during the game. I liked this aspect. Placing the suit at random gives everyone a fair shot.

Overall my one complaint about the Bioshock 2 MP was how long it took to get into a game. I expected it to be a little hard to find a game but not that bad. As for actual game play, I enjoyed myself. It’s not Call of Duty caliber MP but it’s not a complete flop. For those who never want Bioshock to end, it’s a fun little extra to keep you playing.

For those out there who were looking for something amazing out of this MP, keep dreaming. The Bioshock fans exist because the first story captivated us and had us thinking about it long after we finished. The Bioshock series is a strong story based game and thankfully it remained that way for the sequel.

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