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New Year, New Games


The New Year is fast approaching us. With that comes the anticipation of the new games that will take hours from our lives in 2010. What games will dazzle you? Which games will make you regret shelling out the $60?

2010 starts off big with three sequels bound to be just as amazing as their originals. On January 26th Mass Effect 2 hits store shelves. I hope all you RPG fans that played the first game hung on to your Mass Effect save file because it will come in handy for this next adventure.

On February 9th players will return to the under water city of Rapture in Bioshock 2. Along with the anticipation of actually playing as a Big Daddy, players will also have Multiplayer action to look forward to.

March 9th Final Fantasy fans can breathe easy as the game will be in their hands at midnight. Players of this series have been on their edge of their seats waiting for this sequel since 2006.

So the year begins with sequels. Will they live up to the hype? Or will they just make us wish they stuck to the one game series?

What games have you itching for 2010?

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Have a Happy Gaming Holiday

xbox xmasChristmas is fast approaching people. Only a few shopping days left before the big day. But as we all know Xmas is bigger than the presents we give or the money we spend. Its about spending time with your family.

So my speach to gamers today is…

Try not to spend the entire day playing your new games. It’s a tough request for me to make but just give it a try. You have alllll Christmas vacation to play until your vision blurs. On Christmas try to keep the playing to a minimum and hang out with your family. Drink hot chocolate and watch the Disney Parade together. It might be the best gift you give them.

Sorry for the preachyness but I know all you gamers out there will open those gifts and head straight to your room without a word. Think about chilling with your family for the day. It might be better than you think.

Merry Christmas gamers!!

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As many of you gamers know, the 2009 Video Game Awards were held this past weekend. Although Modern Warfare 2 fell short of the Game of the Year award it was able to snag the Best Shooter and Best Multiplayer Awards.

Uncharted 2

As I have seen on many of the forums MW2 players are a little upset that the game was shut out of best game by PS3’s Uncharted 2. Many of those angry gamers are 360 owners who, like myself, have not played the game due to its exclusivity to PS3. What I have seen and heard about Uncharted 2 is nothing but great things and I personally believe it must be an awesome game.

Back to what I do know, MW2 definatly deserved the best shooter and multiplayer. Up against Halo 3: ODST and Left for Dead 2 in both categories there was no doubt that MW2 took home the awards.

A few side notes…

Happy to see Halo 3: ODST get Best Original Score as the music really was memorizing throughout the gameplay.

Also delighted to see Beatles Rockband take home the Best Music Game Award. With all the classic songs and animation it defiantly beats out the Guitar Hero franchise.

What were your thoughts gamers?

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Glitch B****

After a day of classes I came home to play a few rounds of Modern Warfare 2 before heading off to work. What I saw in those games made me want to chuck my controller at my TV. Glitchers, and there was more than one. People who take the fun away from everyone else by cheating and using glitches in the game. Not only does it ruin the game for people who are trying to have fun but it puts you at risk for suspension. Knowingly using a glitch in game and being caught at it will get you in trouble.

Now I knew it was only a matter of time before a big glitch was found in MW2. I remember the “under the map glitch” was a big hit for World at War when it came out. Players (if done correctly) could get themselves under the map and kill anyone and everyone.

The big glitch for MW2 right now is the “Javelin glitch”. FYI Infinity Ward knows about this and is working on getting a patch out ASAP. I won’t get into specifics but I must say it ruins the game for those of us who are trying to play fair.

For all the glitchers out there, just stop. Stop ruining the game for those of us who are trying to have a good time. Don’t give me the “everyone is doing it” excuse. That doesn’t cut it. Don’t put yourself at risk for suspension. Believe me, there are plenty of people who are ready to hit the “File complaint” button as soon as they die from that glitch. Including me.


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