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Halo 3 ODST

Halo 3 ODST defiantly gets two thumbs up from me. After finishing the single player campaign today I wished there was more to come from it. Not only was the storyline for this game amazing but the soundtrack left a mark on me too. There are not many games that I can say that the music added a lot to it.

To be perfectly honest I liked ODST better than Halo 3. There is more of a challenge to being an ODST soldier rather than the Spartan Master Chief. I love “Halo jumping” around as much as the next guy but as an ODST your jump range is shortened. You also don’t have the chief’s special armor so finding health is a big deal. These things might sound like a pain but It actually gives you more skill. Use cover and stealthy ways to get your kill. Even better, grab three friends and co-op the Covenant into oblivion.

Does this game deserve the $60 price tag? Although the campaign was a little on the short side the storyline hit the mark. It is a definite replay for me. There is also Firefight mode to play around with. I do wish there was more multi player to this game. I like that they give you Halo 3 multiplayer all on one disk but I think this game deserved its own multiplayer. All in all, money and time well spent.

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Don’t Spoil the Fun

Why am I not surprised that there was another leak of MW2 video today. Twelve days until the release and more and more spoilers are leaking out. Personally I haven’t looked at any of the videos in question. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait to get my hands on the game but I have no interest in spoiling the fun by looking at crappy YouTube videos of what’s to come.

Whenever spoiler videos come out for games there are always those who say “it’s going to be a terrible game”. So the video of a game that someone probably took with their cell phone is going to stop you from buying it? Thanks but I’ll pass on your assessment and make my own when I buy the game.

Modern Warfare 2 is the most anticipated game of this year. I doubt that any of these videos have caused people to run out and cancel their preorder. Many, like me, have chosen to ignore the spoilers. We want the fun of the anticipation leading up to the release. We don’t want negative speculation about the flaws the game might have.

Be patient gamers. MW2 will be here soon and it will be AWEEEESOMMME!

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Beware the Fake Beta

Modern Warfare is on the verge of release and there are still fanboys out there that are looking for a beta. Keep dreaming boys this isn’t World at War. The most disappointing part about this lack of beta is the fact that there are scammers out there trying to suck in idiots promises of awesome multiplayer action.

Infinity Ward was pretty clear about the fact that there was NOT going to be a beta released to the public. They decided to keep things under wraps and test the game internally. Big fans of the game that are mildly intelligent and able to read got this concept right off the bat. Others willingly gave up their email addresses, Xbox Live accounts, passwords, money, and Microsoft points at the thought of playing the game before everyone else.  

I feel bad for these “victims” for about 5 seconds until I remember that they were the ones who just gave away their private information to whoever had the best offer. Internet sites make you set up accounts with strong passwords for scammers like these ones. Many of these sites, such as Xbox, even tell you that they will never ask you for your personal password. Anyone who tries to pry this information from you is going to use it to steal your identity or send you a virus.

To be clear, there will be no public beta for MW2. Toss any offers of beta codes right in the trash. MW2 will be released soon enough and I’m sure waiting will be better than having your accounts hacked.

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Xbox Update

The next Xbox Live update is right around the corner. Emails have started going out to those who signed up for the preview program. My fingers are crossed for tonight’s round of emails.

This next update will bring Facebook, Twitter, and Zune right to your Xbox dashboard. You will be able to update your status and tweet to your heart’s content in between Halo jumping.

Is this update a good or a bad thing? In my opinion, what could be cooler than tweeting right from your Xbox! But that just me. From my twitter feed I’m seeing a lot of love going to this new update. People who got into the preview program yesterday were excited and tweeting their reviews.

From looking at some of the forums I see mixed thoughts. People who are not into social networking seem to be the brunt of the negativity. They go on about how lazy people will become because of this update. “To lazy to get up and turn on your computer”. They are defiantly preaching to the wrong crowd.

Others look at this update as a convenience. Frustrated that you computer and your Xbox are in different rooms? Boom! Problem solved.

For me, it just makes Xbox more interesting. It’s another new and shiny thing to play with and keep me entertained.

Stay tuned for a full review whenever I get into the program or whenever the update it actually released. Whichever comes first.

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