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Xbox One will launch November 22nd

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Quick Dickwolves overview


In 2010 the Penny Arcade guys made the above comic. When the rape joke was criticized the PA guys made dickwolves merchandise. The merch lead to even more criticism and it was eventually pulled.

In an interview conducted over this weekend’s Pax Prime event the comic’s artist Mike Krahulik┬ástated pulling the merch was a mistake. Thus the uproar starts all over again.

Personally the original comic doesn’t offend me. Rape along with cancer, AIDs, and other “touchy” subjects are not off limits to humor. But when they decided to create t-shirts and merchandise about the joke that’s where I draw the line.

There was no need to open this can of worms all over again at PAX this past weekend. To make a comment like that about and issue from three years ago is only asking for drama.

“You know that I don’t hold grudges, like I can be incredibly mad and then fine the next minute, as long as I get it out. And I feel like we got this out, so I’m not mad about it anymore, but, I think that pulling the dickwolves merchandise was a mistake,”

via Kotaku

You don’t hold grudges and yet you are bringing up an issue that died in 2010. Sounds like you’re still bitter to me.

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