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Rules is Rules

One of my favorite things to do if I am really bored is to read the Xbox Live forums. Specifically the one dedicated to the idiots who get themselves suspended or banned from the service. They should consider renaming it “Xbox Live’s Hall of Morons: Examples of what not to do.” Gamers can post here in order to get a specific reason as to why they were suspended or banned. These people make me fear for the future of the human race.


When you signed up for the online gaming service you were given the terms of use and code of conduct. It spells out what NOT TO DO. Although most of it is common sense (which obviously many do not have) I suggest reading it. It will defiantly help you stay away from suspensions. Just a thought.

Now bans are a different story. There is no coming back from them. You really have to screw up to get your account banned, or worse have your console banned. You have to do something way above the usual profanity. Tampering with your system or trying to steal or sell people’s information will earn you a ban. If you think no one will find you, think again. Microsoft is cracking down on their policies and taking down the scammers. They are out there. Guard your personal information and give it to NO ONE. Microsoft will never ask for it so NEVER GIVE IT OUT.

Come on gamers I know many of you are pretty smart. Follow the code of conduct and stay out of the forum of shame.

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Cheater, Cheater Pumpkin Eater

Taping that one little button will kill your enemy faster than they could pull their own trigger. Rapid fire modded controllers are out there flying under the radar in the game but they aren’t hard to find here in the real world. Just type it into eBay and you’ll have plenty to choose from. With video games there will always be hackers and cheaters. First person shooter games like Call of Duty are popular games to find these controllers. People who have too much time on their hands that are so insecure about themselves that they must cheat to win.

Will there ever be a time where games systems and their games will be hacker-proof? If so I don’t see it anytime soon. Microsoft is doing their best to find and ban these cheaters from Xbox Live but many are still out there. Many of them are stupid enough to open their mouths and brag to anyone who will listen about their mod. That will just invite anyone who he just gunned down to file a hacking complaint. Then say good-bye to Xbox Live.

It’s a video game! People are there to have fun and you come in with your mod and shoot everyone down in 5 seconds. The only friends you’ll make will be with other people who have mods and then you’re back in the same boat.

Try using some skill and lose the extra button. You’ll save some money and keep your Xbox Live account.

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The Men Behind the Mics


I’m going to be just a little bit sexist for this post so reader beware.

I just love popping in my Call of Duty World at War and getting into a lobby full of guys going back and forth with “your mom” jokes. It is especially awesome when at least one or all of those insults are coming from what sounds like 10-year-old boys. Please note my sarcasm. The “N word” is another popular one I hear a lot many times by those same 10 year olds.

What is it about the fact that no one can see you that makes these kids so brave to open their bratty little mouths? Now I know there are plenty of older past puberty men out there that do the same thing. I would just love to meet some of these guys face to face and see if they would dare talk the same way. It’s even worse when they find out there is a girl in the lobby. It’s as though they have never talked to one before. They turn into cavemen and are ready to jump through my TV to drag me by the hair back to their cave.

I’m not saying that all guys I meet on Xbox Live are like this, but there are many of them out there. There are the ones that send me obscene messages, the ones that send me their phone number, and the ones that point blank ask to send them naked pictures. Yea let me get right on that; blocks communications.

Come on guys it Xbox Live not eHarmony. No one is going to send you boob pictures and you’ll end up getting a suspension. So just cut it out.

Women are gamers too and they deserve to be treated with respect just like everyone else (Not that everyone else is treated with respect but you get the idea). Enough with the “your mom” insults and profanity, we are there to play a game and have a good time.

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The Many Faces of MW2

So unless you are not a gamer or have been living under a rock for the past few months you most likely know about the upcoming game Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. One of the most popular questions one might find around the Call of Duty(COD) forums would be “which version are you getting”. Well how many versions could there possibly be for one game? That depends on how much money you are willing to shell out.

You could just buy the game itself for the $60 it usually costs.  Or you could get the $80 Hardened Edition. This edition adds a Steel Book, Art Book, and a token to download the original COD. Oh you mean the game you can find on eBay for under a dollar? Sure it an original Xbox game but it will work all the same. I’m sure the art is cool but I don’t know if the extra $20 added for those things worth it.

Your next step up is defiantly worth the price tag but is it really worth the buy. The Prestige Edition carries the $150 price tag and includes everything found in the Hardened Edition with the addition of real working night vision goggles. As cool as that sounds, who needs night vision goggles? What are you going to use them for seriously? I’m sure that playing the game in the dark with them on would not give you much in the XP department. I guess you could just look at them.

In the UK you could find yourself buying the Veteren Edition for £119.99. This edition basically replaces the goggles and adds a Soap MacTavish statue. I personally would take the statue over the goggles but oh well.

If you really don’t care about money you could buy $400 the limited edition Modern Warfare 2 Xbox 360 console. It comes with a copy of the game, two wireless controllers, a wired headset, and a 250gb hard drive. The biggest shocker there is the hard drive. The largest hard drive on the market right now is 120gb. To get your hands on double that you will have to spring for the new console.

Todays poor college student will stand in line at midnight just happy to get their hands on the plain jane edition. Once you’re in the game running and gunning, who is going to know or care what edition you have. They will shoot, kill, call you a noob you all the same.

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