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09 Feb

Ah yes it’s time for another public service announcement for those who find themselves having to post on the Account Suspensions and Console Ban forum on I read this forum everyday, and everyday I find myself laughing at the “I didn’t do anything” and the “I don’t deserve this”.

For those out there who think that the xbox enforcement team is armed with automated robots who suspend and ban at will, you are very wrong. Every time a complaint is filed it is seen by at least one pair of human eyes. Once the complaint is validated then the punishment is handed out.

For those who file complaints to be funny, you might find yourself suspended. Filing false complaints is a suspendable offense. The complaint filing system is there to help and when you abuse it it take time away from real problems.

Next on my list is modded consoles. DON’T DO IT! Big brother is watching and the enforcement team WILL ban you. It might take time but do us all a favor and don’t act surprised when your ban message pops up. The readers of the forum will just sit and laugh at you.

Lastly don’t create an offensive gamertag or put offensive material in your bio. There are plenty of kids using Xbox Live out there. Gamertags and profile information needs to be rated “E” for everyone. What you do inside an “M” rated game is a separate business. Inappropriate profile can get you suspended and inappropriate gamertags will get a Forced Name Change (FNC).

These  things that are all good for a laugh for the forum readers. Spare yourself the humiliation and be smart. Only idiots get banned and suspended.

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