Battlefield: Bad Company 2

03 Feb

Watch out Modern Warfare 2, there’s a new kid coming to town on March 2, 2010. But will Battlefield: Bad Company 2 really pose a threat to the ever popular Call of Duty series? With all the glitches and hacks going on with MW2 right now many gamers are debating the idea of trading in their MW2 for the new Bad Company in March.

Within the last few months EA has not only produced a public beta for the game but also a demo. Two things that many players say would have helped save MW2 in the long run from all the problems we are seeing now. To players BFBC2 (demo)  is a breath of fresh air from the shenanigans of MW2.

Its smooth glitch free gameplay is not as fast paced as its rival and seems to put more emphasis on team work. Something that is hard to find on MW2. There are tanks and helicopters to deal with and a lone wolf trying to protect the base by himself will find it pretty difficult.

Personally I don’t know how I feel about the game yet. I don’t see myself trading MW2 anytime soon but after playing the demo I might find myself shelling out the cash for Battlefield: Bad Company 2

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