Bioshock 2: First Thoughts

12 Feb

bioshock 2

This past Tuesday brought us the long anticipated release of Bioshock 2. While I have not yet finished the game I wanted to give my first thoughts.

Now we all know how awesome the original Bioshock was, and you’re thinking “well how could they top that”. So far i haven’t seen anything that has topped the original but it is defiantly following in the footsteps of its predecessor. We see the return of characters such as the Big Daddy, Little Sister, and even the voice recordings or Andrew Ryan are still haunting the halls of Rapture.

As for new faces we see the Big Sister who I feel could have more to her. Every so often you come across one. She screams and tries to kill you. When I saw the first pictures of the Big Sister I thought they would have more of a role in this game. We also meet Sofia Lamb. She was once a rival of Andrew Ryan and she is who has the Little Sister you are desperately trying to find.

My one biggest complaints about this game so far is how easy it is to die. I mean you are playing as a Big Daddy. I know he was the first but was his suit really that vulnerable? As in the first game it still takes a lot of fire power to bring down a Big Daddy but not much to take you down. I would never expect to have the amount of health of the newer Big Daddies but come on! A few shots from an angry splicer and down you go.

Other than that so far Bioshock 2 is just as enjoyable and amazing as the first. Just make sure to collect plenty of Adam as it would be a good idea to buy some health upgrades.

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