What are the Trailers telling Us?

20 May

I mean besides the fact that we are in for a truly amazing game, not a ton. But that leaves plenty of room for speculation. Me likey.

Lets start with this…

Yep, it’s a scoped crossbow. What’s that? You want to know what kind of ammunition it packs? Explosive kind. Now I don’t know how practical it is but I have no doubt it will take out a decent group of enemies. I may just end up tossing it aside as I did with the flamethrower in World at War, but how cool does it look right now?!

How about this bad boy. By the looks of the last trailer, we get to fly one of these babies. Now as some people know, I’m not the greatest in-game vehicle driver (excellent and safe real life driver I assure you), but I am pumped to try my hand with this helicopter.

I can’t wait to see more from Treyarch in the coming months. As much as I am excited about MP (and Zombies!!!) I hope to see a single player campaign that blows me away. So far it’s looking good.

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