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What are the Trailers telling Us?

I mean besides the fact that we are in for a truly amazing game, not a ton. But that leaves plenty of room for speculation. Me likey.

Lets start with this…

Yep, it’s a scoped crossbow. What’s that? You want to know what kind of ammunition it packs? Explosive kind. Now I don’t know how practical it is but I have no doubt it will take out a decent group of enemies. I may just end up tossing it aside as I did with the flamethrower in World at War, but how cool does it look right now?!

How about this bad boy. By the looks of the last trailer, we get to fly one of these babies. Now as some people know, I’m not the greatest in-game vehicle driver (excellent and safe real life driver I assure you), but I am pumped to try my hand with this helicopter.

I can’t wait to see more from Treyarch in the coming months. As much as I am excited about MP (and Zombies!!!) I hope to see a single player campaign that blows me away. So far it’s looking good.

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Mystery USB Drive

So here’s what I got in the mail today. No return address, and only containing a 1GB USB drive. What was on the drive you ask? If you follow @carbonfibah on twitter he was kind enough to create this video…

I’m not going to lie, I was a little freaked out when I heard the audio file. But after searching the internet and Twitter, I began coming across others who had also received this strange package.

First thoughts from most were that this was a hint from Besthesda about Fallout: New Vegas as the package was postmarked from Maryland.

Myself and others believe the package hails from the Treyarch crew. A little hint at the next COD perhaps? Maybe some zombies mixed in there?

What are your thoughts?




This is a site that is revealed after deciphering the code read in the audio file. It brings you to a TV set that you must adjust to get and image. A similar transmission plays while images of a baseball field, uranium, a bomb, and JFK flash across the screen. Hmmmm. Certainly smells like a Call of Duty announcement is nearing.


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MW2 Stimulus Package

I was somewhat surprised at the results of my poll a few posts ago about the price of the Modern Warfare 2 Map Pack 1. Quite a few people are going to sit this one out for what I believe is a good reason.

First lets talk about the fact that the price will be $5 more than a Map Pack usually costs. They justify this by saying that there are more maps. However, two of those maps are going to be COD4 maps. Why should we have to pay for maps that we can go play in COD4? Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that IW is bringing back some old maps but the players shouldn’t have to pay for them.

Now lets talk about how IW is ignoring the consumer and just pretending that nothing is wrong. That bothers me more than anything else. When the care package glitch was taking over the game where was IW? It took forever for them to put out a patch! Legitimate complaints such as that or the fact glitchers can just keep coming back by changing a simple code is what infuriates us as players.

A game that was so anticipated, by a reputable company, with a successful franchise really blew it on this game. I, along with thousands of others, expected more from you IW.  While many of us continue to play this game others have traded it in. Frustrated and disappointed.

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Get ready to take the Battlefield

The much anticipated sequel to Battlefield Bad Company is due to release on Tuesday March 2nd. Much of the Modern Warfare 2 community has been anxiously awaiting this game. Fed up gamers are ready for the smooth glitch and hack free gameplay they saw in the demo.

In all honesty I believe that this game will give MW2 a run for it’s money. I’m not saying MW2 will lose players altogether, but it will take a hit. The way IW is ignoring the cries from players to fix the game does not help their case. I don’t plan to trade it in anytime soon but I am going to put it down for a while. I, like many others, are ready for something different. Something that doesn’t make me want to chuck the controller at my TV.

BC2 brings a few differences to its COD counterpart. The biggest one being dedicated severs. Long waits to get into a multiplayer game are the bane of gamers existence. You sit down after a long day at work and all you want to do is shoot a few people. But your sitting in the game lobby for 10 minutes before anything happens. Sound familiar? ::cough:: MW2 ::cough::

Gamers will also be able to use the party chat feature on XBL for this game. Something that MW2 removed to prevent cheating. The only thing it really did was give the mute button a lot of action. No one want to hear 12 year olds singing or shouting obscenities. I”ll chat with my friends thank you.

As for actual gameplay, the demo was really promising. It will take some time to get used to the slower tactics but I’m ready for something different.

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