Oh my my my…

31 Mar

What a mess the new Modern Warfare 2 map packs have been for some. People stayed up all night for the launch and it  was pushed back till almost early afternoon for some, due to a code update error after download. Lot’s of cranky gamers yesterday! I have yet to spend a lot of time on them, but from what I have seen they are pretty amazing.

The new map “bailout” is a large map, with lots of areas to snipe and close range fun. I went through this map with a few of my girls (PMS Boomer & PMS Acid) to check out every angle and spot possible. “Bailout” includes first and second story apartment/condos with lots of stairs, small rooms, a pool, and a work out room! Oh yeah, don’t worry, your guy can get a work out in the gym while playing SnD.

Overall, I think the maps are amazing and the only complaints I have heard in lobbies are about camping. I think after a few weeks of the maps being so new, people will stop camping as much. People are so new to these maps and don’t know how to maneuver around them so they are going to stay with what works for them. So yeah, stop crying about the camping, if you know where they are go kick their booty!

-Tiger, out.

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