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Harry Potter gets Kinected

Being the huge Harry Potter geek that I am, I am obligated to mention the fact that Xbox 360 Kinect will be featured in the upcoming Deathly Hallows video game.


Actors James and Oliver Phelps (Fred and George Weasely from the Harry Potter films) came on stage for a live demonstration of the game’s “Challenge” mode, which will utilized the motion-sensing camera. The Phelps’ took on the roles of Harry and Ron as they fought off death eaters and snatchers using magic spells, activated with hand gestures. It was hard to get a sense of how spell types were activated, but pointing at the screen appeared to fire off a melee attack; pushing out both hands at once seemed to push back enemies.

Now i haven’t bought an EA Harry Potter game since Chamber of Secrets. They just didn’t deliver for me. But Deathly Hallows does look pretty epic. Voldemort is taking over and Harry is on the hunt for Horcruxes. The walls of Hogwarts are no longer there to protect him. That’s what makes this game different. The bright and happy scenes are replaced with dark colors and cold backgrounds.

While the Kinect feature is a cool add on it’s defiantly not worthy of the whole game. From the videos I’ve seen of it, I feel like it would get old fast. But still it’s something worth having in the game as a separate game mode. I mean who doesn’t want to pretend they are a wizard trying to protect the world from Death Eaters?


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Idiots Amuse me

Ahh yes another amusing weekend playing COD:WAW. I haven’t ranted about modded rapid fire controllers in a while so here we go. First of all, don’t you have something better to spend your (your mom’s) money on? These controllers will set you back over $100 depending on where you buy it.

If you¬†genuinely¬†suck at the game save your (you mom’s) money! Not even cheating with a modded controller will save you from a seasoned COD player. Spray your M1A1 Carbine all you want you’ll still get one well placed bullet to the head with my Mosin Nagant.

Modded controllers are for people with no skill and 10 year olds. Usually it’s the two together. Play fair and stop ruining the game for everyone else.


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Halo Reach console bundle…wow

There you have it folks the first Special Edition console using the new 360. Very fitting that it should be a Halo title. And holy crap it looks freakin awesome!

As for the specs… via

The bundle will be available on Sept. 14, when Halo: Reach also launches. It will cost $399. It includes the standard Xbox 360 S configuration inside the Limited Edition, UNSC-stamped silver housing, the two silver controllers, and the game.

To add to awesomeness there are also Halo-ish sounds accompanying the console according to Xbox LIVE’s Major Nelson.

So if you love Halo and want the full on Halo Reach experience, you might want to start saving up those pretty pennies.

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Kinect priced for real this time

The official price for Xbox 360’s motion control peripheral was released yesterday. Kinect, as expected, will set gamers back $150 and will include the launch title Kinect Adventures.

For those new to the Xbox 360 party there will be a $299 console bundle on the release of the sensor. The bundle will include the redesigned 360, Kinect, and Kinect Adventures. The console will not include a 250GB hard drive but will include 4GB of internal memory.

According to the sans-hard drive console will not have the shiny finish of the more expensive version but will include the other features such as the built in WiFi.

Also if you haven’t heard, the new Kinect games will be packaged in purple cases.


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