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Xbox 360 Slim Arcade

For those of you out there who have no need for a 250GB hard drive but would love to get your hands on the new Xbox 360 it looks like there’s something on the way for you.

A listing on Amazon Germany was spotted by for a 4GB Xbox360 Arcade. The memory will most likely be in the form of a usb stick. Very few details are included in this listing but the console will run you $199 and could be released as soon as the end of this Summer.

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New 360 has a mind of its own?

It seems that Microsoft has given the new Xbox 360 some brains. As stated in my previous post, there is no more Red Ring of Death(RROD) but that doesn’t mean this console won’t make you see red.

Pics via

Looks like we’ll have a red dot to warn us it’s time to put up the shades and expose our pale skin to the sunlight. Although this will be highly annoying if it happens in the middle of a game it is relatively preferable to the death of your console.

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RROD is no more on the new Xbox 360

That of course doesn’t mean it won’t break. There is just a new error system that I am sure we will create a funny name for in the future.

What this basically means is that you just literally won’t see any red lights. But the hope is that the new systems will have the lowest failure rates of all the past 360 systems. Makes sense since they’ve had a ton of time to work on it since the first 360 generation in 2005.

So gamers if your current system is making you see red, I suggest picking up the new system if you have the cash.

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Xbox 360 Slim Unveiled

There you have it folks. The shiney new slimmer Xbox 360. But what is does it have to offer?

Via joystiq,com

Microsoft has officially revealed a new Xbox 360 (the same one we already saw in that Italian ad) with a 250GB HDD, built-in Wi-Fi, a shiny new coat of glossy black paint, and, insanely enough, it’s shipping to retailers right now

So who’s planning on getting it? I might consider it mostly for the 250gb hard drive and the quietness factor but I’m overall unimpressed. Oddly enough they are not charging more that the current Elite system. $299 for the new slim. Sorry Europe you guys have to wait until July.


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