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Countdown to Resurgence Map Pack

So we are about a week away from the release of the second map pack for MW2 entitled the Resurgence Package. Here’s what you’ll be getting…


Carnival,” a large abandoned theme park that offers lots of unique vantage points that work well for all game modes. The once vibrant rides now sit idle and neglected as perfect cover points in one of the most original multiplayer locations for Modern Warfare 2.

Fuel,” a massive oil refinery with extremely long sightlines great for medium- to long-range firefights. The spacious surroundings offer a great sniper advantage; offices, warehouses, and buildings house objectives and provide opportunity for close-range firefights.

Trailer Park,” a medium-sized mobile estate with a maze of tight flank routes and lots of cover. Junk covered yards, deserted trailers, and debris-riddled surroundings offer intense firefights with a wide variety of vantage points and routes available.

Strike,” a large urban desert town, excellent for medium-to-large team games. The large monument, connecting streets, and surrounding buildings offer great firefights in Team Deathmatch, and great vantage points for objective team games.

Vacant,” a deserted Russian office complex offering a great mixture of interior and exterior combat. Long hallways with minimal cover points offer a fast escape route for potential runners, but high accuracy and fast aiming is required when advancing through this large complex.

You will notice that the last two maps are, again, COD4 maps. Oddly enough not word yet on a priceĀ  but I assume that it will hold the same 1200MP tag the Stimulus Package had.

I’ve taken a bit of a break from MW2 since becoming immersed in Red Dead Redemption but this map pack doesn’t look half bad. And as much as I will complain about the high price (assuming it’s 1200MP) I’m sure I will end up eating my words and hitting the download button.



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