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Xbox Update

The next Xbox Live update is right around the corner. Emails have started going out to those who signed up for the preview program. My fingers are crossed for tonight’s round of emails.

This next update will bring Facebook, Twitter, and Zune right to your Xbox dashboard. You will be able to update your status and tweet to your heart’s content in between Halo jumping.

Is this update a good or a bad thing? In my opinion, what could be cooler than tweeting right from your Xbox! But that just me. From my twitter feed I’m seeing a lot of love going to this new update. People who got into the preview program yesterday were excited and tweeting their reviews.

From looking at some of the forums I see mixed thoughts. People who are not into social networking seem to be the brunt of the negativity. They go on about how lazy people will become because of this update. “To lazy to get up and turn on your computer”. They are defiantly preaching to the wrong crowd.

Others look at this update as a convenience. Frustrated that you computer and your Xbox are in different rooms? Boom! Problem solved.

For me, it just makes Xbox more interesting. It’s another new and shiny thing to play with and keep me entertained.

Stay tuned for a full review whenever I get into the program or whenever the update it actually released. Whichever comes first.

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