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October is flooded with releases

Are you ready (to go broke)? Seriously though, there are quite a few big name releases dropping this month. Besides the fact that it will hit your wallet hard some of the games are ones that will have you glued to your console for some time.

I’ll highlight the big names for this month…

Release Date: Oct. 12th

I’m undecided about this game. Which is somewhat strange due to the fact that I’m usually all about FPS. I’ve heard mixes reviews about it steaming from the media and it’s beta back in June/July.  But while I didn’t play it, I never judge a game by its beta. Because that’s what it is, a beta. Anyways I see myself picking this game up only because, well I am a sucker for FPS.


Release Date: October 19th

Probably the October release I am most excited for. Fallout 3 was so engaging and enjoyable, not to mention the fact that it took over my life. I am so pumped for the new wasteland with a Vegas twist.


Release Date: October 26th

Another game that will steal hours of my life. I loved Fable II. Whether I was blacksmithing or completing important quests I was having a great time. I look forward in this next installment to see some improvements especially in the MP.


Other Major Releases…

Super Scribblenauts 10/12

Rock Band 3 10/26

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II 10/26

The Sims 3 (console) 10/26


So which game are you most excited for this busy gaming month?

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May the Force be with you!

Happy Star Wars Day my gamer friends! I figured on this happy occasion I might highlight some of my favorite Star Wars games.

Starting with the Lego Star Wars series. As lame as it may sound, I freaking loved these games. It gives you everything you love about Star Wars in Lego form. What’s not to love? Nuff said.


Another Favorite of mine would have to be The Force Unleashed. An amazing game that walked you through the life of Darth Vader’s apprentice. Defiantly a different perspective on the life of a Jedi and there’s going to be a sequel!!


I went through a phase during my PS2 days were all I wanted to play was flight simulator games. Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter was defiantly a favorite of mine during that time. If I remember correctly it was a game I rented and played just about every hour I had it. With only a week rental I was going to get my mom’s moneys worth. It was the least I could do.


So gamer peeps what are some of your favorite Star Wars games? Celebrate this lovely Star Wars Day by reminiscing about your favs.


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