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Awesome Super Scribblenauts is Awesome

As I am not quite ready to pass judgment on Medal of Honor yet let me send some love along to the Nintendo DS crowd. Yes I very much neglect my DS, at least until something good/the next Pokemon comes out. Super Scibblenauts is one of those good games I dusted off my DS for.

If you played the first Scribblenauts you already know that crazy things can happen in this game since you can create almost anything just by typing it in. Notice how I said ALMOST anything. I know a few people who tested the limits but it clearly states in at the start of both of these games that you cant use vulgarity. So minds out of the gutter people.

Anyways, new to this game is the introduction of the use of adjectives. For those who failed grammar an adjective is a word used to modify a noun or pronoun. They give you more information about the noun/pronoun you are referring to.

Swords created with adjectives

So if you want Maxwell to have a giant sword or a golden sword all you have to do is type it and you shall have it. The use of adjectives will help you tremendously in some of the levels of Super Scribblenauts. Especially the ones that encourage you to use them.

Another major improvement in this game is ability to toggle your controls. In the first game we were forced to use the stylus to move Maxwell through the different levels. I know I failed many a level due to the crappy stylus control and Maxwell would drown/get eaten/fall to his death. So if you, like me, freakin hated that switch the controls up to use the D-Pad and buttons. It really makes a huge difference.

So it may not be a hardcore action adventure game but it is an amusing puzzle game. You’ll be surprised at how challenging it can get. So open up your imagination and create awesome and hilarious things to get Maxwell though the levels.

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Countdown to E3: Super Scribblenauts

Holy crap I am wayy too excited for this game. Now if you have a DS and have not played Scribblenauts, GO GET IT!!! It’s a puzzle game that allows you to write anything (no vulgarity so minds out of the gutter) and it will appear. Use the items you summon to complete challenges with the lovable character Maxwell.

What I have been reading so far, Super Scribblenauts improves upon the awesomeness of the first game. The first major improvement being the controls. Now when it comes to handheld games I am a big supporter of using the D-pad to move characters. I know we have a touch screen now but it’s really not ideal to direct movements. That was a big problem for me in the first game. Getting Maxwell were I wanted him to be was tough going with the touch screen. Super Scribblenauts will have D-pad for movement and B for jump. WOOT!

Next we have the use of adjectives. For those who failed English, an adjective is a word that modifies a noun and gives it more information.


Adjectives significantly increase the amount of stuff you can summon into the game. Whereas previously you could bring in a car, now you can call in an “undead” car, an “angry” car, or a “pregnant” car. Objects will react accordingly to their adjectives. For instance, that pregnant car will eventually give birth to a baby car. Oh, and the formerly pregnant car will now be a skinny car. Weird, huh? One of my favorite examples was when we summoned an undead bee. Zombies love brains, right? So we brought in an explosive brain. The undead bee couldn’t resist it.

So another thing added to the list of exciting things to come out of E3!


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Write anything, you say?

While my Xbox is off in Texas for repairs I’ve been giving my Nintendo DS some love. I tend to neglect my DS as I tend to focus my attention on my Xbox. I decided to pick up Scribblenauts over the weekend and give that a try. Popped it in for some playtime before bed and ended up glued to it for way longer than I had planned.

Scribblenauts is a side scrolling puzzle game that lets you create anything out of nothing to get the job done. You control the character of Maxwell through different problems that need to be solved. You can summon almost anything to come to your aid in your adventure. If a farmer need some animals just type COW or PIG, and there they are. Problem solved.

Simple as this might sound, not all are that easy. Sometime you do need your brain. I know I know, it’s a video game and you’re not supposed to need you brain. This game only make you use it a little to create fun new ways to solve your puzzle.

Now there are some rules when it comes to creating objects. They tell you right off the bat about profanity and trademarked items, they are no no’s. So get your mind out of the gutter. You can however make a dingo eat a baby!

There are so many things you can do and create in this game. It may be profanity free but you can still make some funny things happen. Explore every possibility.

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