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Free Roam Fun

That’s how I spent most of my weekend, in a posse roaming the wide open lands of the Texas and Mexico. Nothing like doing what you want whenever you want in a video game. Head to a gang hideout and take out the banditos and criminals one by one for XP. Travel up north and team up to take down bears and other assorted big game.

Free roam is whatever you and your posse make it. And let me tell you, it just isn’t as fun without a group of friends. Sure, by yourself you can hoard all the XP from a gang hideout but you stand a bigger chance of dying multiple times. It’s also handy to have some friends near by when a cougar decides to jump you from behind. Those things come are fast and come out of nowhere.

Get your buddies together and make a posse. What’s that? They don’t have Red Dead Redemption yet? Then it is your duty to drive them to the closest GameStop or Best Buy and command them to BUY IT! It is just that freakin awesome.

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Can’t get enough of Red Dead Redemption?

Think it would make a freaking awesome movie? Well here’s something close.


Today Rockstar launched the teaser trailer for A Short Film Made From Red Dead Redemption, a 30-minute special chronicling the story of John Marston that was created using in-game footage by The Propositiondirector John Hillcoat. The episode airs at midnight this Saturday, May 29 on FOX. Watch the clip after the jump.

So if you’re stillĀ up at that hour, check it out. From the looks of it, it’s just a bunch of cut scenes glued together from the game but still looks worth watching.


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Bang Bang Shoot ’em up!

Sat down with a little Red Dead Redemption MP these past few days. Like the single player, I was totally hooked immediately. Spent some time in Free Roam just riding my mule (which i thought was hilarious the first time I whistled) finding other players to shoot down.

Being so used to FPS type MP it took some getting used to when I got into a real match. With like most MP you earn XP by killing other players or capturing objectives. XP will rank you up and get you off of that embarrassing mule you’ve been riding. Unlock new mounts, charaters, and titles by playing in matches and completing challenges.

A huge thing that win’s me over with this entire game in general is stat tracking!! Want to know how many people you’ve killed are how many animals you’ve skinned? Hit up the Social Club online to see your stats and MP leaderboards.

So peeps grab your posse and cowboy up in awesome RDR MP!

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