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Rapture is Calling

February 9th is creeping closer and closer. That, my friends, is when we may all travel back to the amazing underwater city of Rapture. Ten years after the events of the first BioShock (which will make it 1970), this second installment will give us a few new things that makes us itch for February.

I have two words for you. Big Daddy. You know those big guys in diving suits that you would tip toe around. That is who you are. You heard it right, this time around you are the Big Daddy. Don’t worry everyone’s favorite little sisters are still around, again with the option of harvesting and rescuing them.

Another big new feature for BioShock 2 is Multiplayer, which is set in 1959 during the Rapture Civil War. The idea of a multiplayer could go either way with this game. It is my hope that it does not take away from the single player story. BioShock had an amazing story that kept the player engaged from beginning to end. That is what players will be looking for. For BioShock fans the multiplayer is an added bonus. We want this game for the story. That is why we return to Rapture.

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