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Pick Your Plasmid

One of the many great things that the original Bioshock gave us was Plasmids. Serums that rewrite your DNA and allow you to control powers such as electricity, fire, and ice. Of course these plasmids cost ADAM and since it can sometimes be hard to come by, which ones do you choose?

In Bioshock 2 the first plasmid is a freebie. Electro Bolt is sitting, waiting for you at the Gatherer’s Garden at the beginning of the game.  It is one of your most valuable plasmids that I recommend keeping with you at all times. I mean Rapture is an underwater city. All those leaks can be used to your advantage in a fight. Are your victims standing in a puddle? With a flick of your fingers your attacker is dead.

Incinerate! is another one I always recommend keeping on you at all times. Not only does it set your attacker (and anyone they touch) on fire but it comes in very handy when you come across some ice. This plasmid is useful when you come across entire doorways blocked by ice. You might even find some ammo and first aid lodged in there.

Telekinesis can be useful at times but I think that there are others that can be put ahead of it. If I was low on slots I think I might choose Winter Blast before Telekinesis. Freeze your enemies and take free shots at them while they are immobile. Quite useful if your battling a Big Daddy and need a second to grab some health nearby. One downside though, if you kill an enemy that is frozen, don’t expect any loot. Their body crumbles to pieces leaving you with nothing. Let them thaw before delivering your final blow.

There are 11 plasmids to choose from in Bioshock 2.  Mix it up and try different ones if you have the ADAM or level up your favorite ones. Find out what works for you!

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