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MW2 Multiplayer Awesomeness

I spent this weekend glued to my Xbox racking up XP on Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer. Do you want my honest opinion? I LOVE it! Now I can’t say that I love every single thing about it but overall Infinity Ward did a great job upgrading the great game play from previous games.

I still have this one complaint. The one we all knew was coming; there is no Xbox Live party chat allowed in most game types. If you are in a party chat, no matter what game everyone else is playing, you must transfer to game chat. See my previous post about my feelings on this. But to be blunt, I hate listening to the 8 year olds that feel like they need to sing into their mic.

The next few points are just messages to players. First, do not steal your teammate’s care package if they are standing right there waiting for it. Unless your teammate dies right when it drops and the enemy is going to take it leave it alone. They are not your points to take.  

On that note, don’t stand directly underneath the care package drop. The package will land on top of you. This will kill you and cause everyone to laugh at your expense. Don’t believe me? Go ahead and try.

 What does rock is that there is no juggernaut perk. No more wasting entire clips to kill the one person who kills you in one shot. Now I know it’s good for gamers first starting out and I admit using it a little in COD4. In reality, there are other more useful perks that will help you get started in the game.

There are so many other good things I could say but you already know if you have played the game. Infinity Ward delivers greatness again with their multiplayer.

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