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NHL 11

I usually wait and ask Santa for the yearly installment of EA’s NHL series but peer pressure prevailed this time. After all the great things I heard and the videos I saw I had to go pick it up.

I am always impressed that EA can keep bringing new gameplay aspects to the NHL players. This year’s big addition was the EA Sports Ultimate Hockey League (EAUHL).


Players are dealt a pack of starter cards and are sent to build up their fledgling team of all-stars from there by either earning in-game currency through their play on the ice or by purchasing them with real world money. The setup is pretty dense and shouldn’t be traversed by those not willing to delve into some seriously minute details, but hardcore hockey fans are going to get a kick out of it.

Take your team online or train up offline and earn pucks to buy more cards. While my team is pretty terrible right now, I plan to work my players and maybe get a few W’s on the board. They are nowhere near ready for online play though.

My Ultimate Team

I do love the NHL series but my mind still seems to be on a another upcoming game. Can you guess what it is?

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NHL 2010

Now that I’ve really sunk my teeth into let me give you my thoughts on NHL 2010. The one thing I always like about EA’s NHL series is that they do try to add new things each year they turn out a new one. They aren’t always big things but it gives the game a newer feel.

This year they brought out board play and first person fighting. Both small things but make the game just that much better. Board play is seen frequently in real games so why not include it in the video game. Fighting for the puck while pressing someone against the boards takes a few attempts to get it right but you’ll be a pro in no time.

First person fighting puts you in the skates of the player on the ice. Drop your gloves and throw some punches. The fights don’t last very long especially if you’re playing an online opponent but it is amusing none the less.

The popular Be a Pro game mode has returned for the 2010 season. However this time around you can play in a prospects game and get drafted. Or you can just choose your favorite team and start there. Either way you choose you must show your skills and make your way up though the AHL and into the NHL.

Overall EA made another great NHL game and defiantly deserved the Best Team Sports game at the VGA’s this year.

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