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Nice try IW

Yesterday Infinity Ward’s Fourzerotwo had this to say on his blog

Just uploaded two new playlists to Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer that allow you to play public matches with no Killstreaks in a variety of game modes. This update is currently available on Xbox Live, and will be coming to PC and Playstation 3 alongside the Resurgence Package DLC the week of July 6th. The exact details of each new playlist are below:

Barebones Pro:

Play Team Deathmatch and Free-for-All. All Killstreak rewards are disabled.

Players: 4-8

*Xbox LIVE Party Chat allowed

Objective Barebones Pro:

Play Domination, Demolition, HQ Pro, and Capture the Flag. All Killstreaks rewards are disabled.

Players: 8-12

*Xbox LIVE Party Chat allowed.

I guess he has a different definition of “barebones” than many of us. I’m not being ungrateful for the new playlists I’m saying did he listen to the players at all? Taking out the killstreak rewards does not equal barebones.

Removing killstreaks is only the tip of the iceberg when you’re talking about making a barebones playlist. Perks, attachments, and deathstreaks should be removed for a playlist to be deemed “barebones”. It should just be you and your gun.

It’s a nice attempt at getting back some players IW but alas you have failed once again at satisfying the masses. Too little too late.


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So, how bout those new maps?

Yesterday the second (most likely final) map pack was released for Modern Warfare 2 on Xbox 360. Like the previous pack, it took half the day for it to show up for download on consoles. After what happened the last time, they really couldn’t be more prepared? But that’s not the point.

The point is, is the Resurgence pack worth the 1200 Microsoft Points? That depends on who you’re talking to. As much as I complain about MW2 I keep coming back to it. But most of my gripes now are with the people that play it rather than maps and such.

My answer is yes. The maps are worth the buy if you are still playing MW2 these days. Strike and Vacant are our COD4 maps and Fuel, Carnival, and Trailer Park are the new additions. I of course am a sucker for nostalgia moments and enjoy the COD4 maps the most. Good memories from my first COD MP experiences.

I think the only map I dislike from this pack it Fuel. It is just too freaking big and complicated. God help you if you land in a Free-for-All game there. Otherwise I’m enjoying the new maps and am ready for them to be integrated into the regular playlists.

What does everyone else think?


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Patience People

Just chill for a little bit my gamer friends, the maps will come soon. This should be no surprise to players after what happened on release day of the last map pack. So just sit tight and wait. Hope none of you stayed up until midnight waiting for it.

I will have a review as soon and it becomes available for me/I have a chance to play it.


If the pack does not display on your console try using this link to add it to your queue via

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MW2 Double XP

If you’re not really into the whole cookout and parade thing this Memorial Day, you might want to take advantage of this long weekend’s double XP on MW2. So if you’ve been waiting for a good time to prestige, now would be a smart time to do it. Get those pesky early levels out of the way quickly.

Also don’t forget to do your part for the Vets this Memorial Day by checking out the Call Of Duty Endowment (CODE). Enjoy the long weekend (those of you that have one)!!

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