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Summer of Arcade: Monday Night Combat

If you were going to buy any one game in this Summer of Arcade Monday night Combat would be it. In my opinion of course.

I got my first glimpse of this game back at PAX East in March. Crowds of people huddled around the screens waiting for their chance to try their hand at the game. It looked like a decent game but I of course forgot all about it until this Summer.

MNC is a third person shooter that takes place in different battle arenas. In Blitz mode your mission is to protect your Money Ball from wave after wave of robots that want to destroy it. You can take on these bots with a buddy in spit screen or with up to 3 three others over Xbox LIVE.

Money Ball

Rather take on human enemies? In Crossfire mode you not only have to protect your own Money Ball but your real objective is to destroy the opposing team’s Money Ball. Along with the bots you encountered in Blitz mode you must hold your own against a team of six human controlled players.

As for weapons and classes, there are six different characters to play as. Each with different weapons and skills that will aid in your pursuit to destroy the Money Ball.

So if you have the points and are in the market for a good Arcade game hit the download button on this one.

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