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Nice try IW

Yesterday Infinity Ward’s Fourzerotwo had this to say on his blog

Just uploaded two new playlists to Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer that allow you to play public matches with no Killstreaks in a variety of game modes. This update is currently available on Xbox Live, and will be coming to PC and Playstation 3 alongside the Resurgence Package DLC the week of July 6th. The exact details of each new playlist are below:

Barebones Pro:

Play Team Deathmatch and Free-for-All. All Killstreak rewards are disabled.

Players: 4-8

*Xbox LIVE Party Chat allowed

Objective Barebones Pro:

Play Domination, Demolition, HQ Pro, and Capture the Flag. All Killstreaks rewards are disabled.

Players: 8-12

*Xbox LIVE Party Chat allowed.

I guess he has a different definition of “barebones” than many of us. I’m not being ungrateful for the new playlists I’m saying did he listen to the players at all? Taking out the killstreak rewards does not equal barebones.

Removing killstreaks is only the tip of the iceberg when you’re talking about making a barebones playlist. Perks, attachments, and deathstreaks should be removed for a playlist to be deemed “barebones”. It should just be you and your gun.

It’s a nice attempt at getting back some players IW but alas you have failed once again at satisfying the masses. Too little too late.


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Bungie teams up with Activision?

This has to be some kind of last minute April Fools joke right?? Wrong.

UK, April 29, 2010 – Bungie has just announced a deal with Activision Blizzard, spanning some ten years, that will see the publishing giant releasing the Halo developer’s next big franchise. (via

We all knew Halo would come to an end eventually. The upcoming Halo Reach will most likely be Bungie’s last work in the series. But save your tears. It’s all for the best, especially with Bungie suiting up for Activision.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, you most likely know about the fall of Infinity Ward. It seems like everyday IW is losing at least a handful of employees. Until soon IW will be no more.

With the recent bad press against Activision could something good come out of Bungie’s partnership? Well that depends. As long as Bungie is allowed to give us the same quality in a game that they have given us in the past I have no qualms. But if Bungie is swallowed whole and Activision spits out the shattered pieces of what was an amazing developer…well that’s a different story.

Honestly we(all gamers) don’t care who you side with Bungie. We just want amazing games. Don’t lose your integrity and we can all get along and be happy playing our games.

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