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3D Gaming?

With 3D movies on the rise and 3D TV on the way(some places already here), when can we expect 3D video games? Better yet is 3D gaming something we want?

Personally 3D gaming isn’t something I totally buy into quite yet. I am content with the amazing 2D graphics that are being produced right now. The thought of sitting down to some game time and having to wear glasses for it, is not particularly appetizing to me. After a 3D movie I am always ready to toss those things in the barrel.

Will 3D gaming  take over all games or just select ones?  It would be a great waste of money to create 3D games that are not enhanced at all by the technology. Is 3D Rockband something you would be itching to get your hands on?

3D does seem to be what is in store for the future of gaming. Hopefully developers take the time to put their efforts into the story of a game rather than just the effects. Visuals are only half the battle. They will need to continue to engage the player’s mind as well as visually stimulate them. One without the other is a waste of our time and our money.


Posted by on March 8, 2010 in 3D, ps3, Xbox


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