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Choose Your Words


Xbox Live and PSN are virtual playgrounds where gamers can come together and play their favorite games, make new friends, and compete for bragging rights. But sometimes those ever popular multiplayer lobbies can be cesspools of foul language, racism, and just plain hate speech. With the ability to hide behind their TV screens children and adults alike partake in the slinging of insults.

While there is bound to be profanity thrown around in a game like Call of Duty, there are some words that really irk me more than others. Two in particular will make me leave a lobby when used in such excess. The words Nigger and Faggot are both classified as hate speech. Whether or not you use these terms and mean them as hate speech is irrelevant. They are not just slang terms to be thrown in a sentence to get a few laughs or shock value. These words are meant to harm certain groups of people. To make them feel inferior as human beings.

Now to those who use these terms on a regular basis, would you walk down the street greeting people with “good morning N-bomb!” or “How are the kids doing F-bomb?” Would you use these hurtful words anywhere besides the safe haven behind your TV screen? Somehow I doubt it.

I know I’m asking a lot here, but my plea to you is to think about what you say over Xbox Live or PSN. The people on the other side may not tell you it hurts them but every time you use the words the wound opens wider. The mute button may be a click away, but it’s not always that easy.

I know it’s tough, but use your brain before you open your mouth.



Posted by on August 5, 2011 in General Gaming News


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