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Noble Map Pack out today

Halo Reach’s first Map Pack hit Xbox Live today. The collection dubbed the Noble Map Pack contains three stunning new maps Anchor 9, Tempest, and Breakpoint. This pack will run you a reasonable 800 Microsoft Points.


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New Reach Maps are coming

On November 30th Bungie will drop the Noble Map Pack on Halo Reach fans. Players will get three stuning new maps for a price tag of 800 Microsoft Points.


The fight for humanity continues on a galactic scale. From a frozen xeno-archaeology site harboring secrets centuries old to an orbital anchor defending the stars high above planet Reach to mysterious places far, far beyond, the Noble Map Pack injects three new explosive environments into the multiplayer battlefield, each designed to reinforce all of Halo: Reach’s vital warfronts, from small scale engagements to massive Invasion battlegrounds.

Here’s a look at the new maps…

Anchor 9



Nice to see some epic looking maps with a decent price tag. Even though a certain other game will probably have a big hold on me in November, I think these maps defiantly deserve some time.

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What really grinds my gears

Kids that quit Halo early. I don’t care how bad we’re losing freakin suck it up and finish the game. Don’t start the domino effect and then I’m left to finish the game 4 on 1.

It wasn't pretty

Sure we’ve all complained about being stuck into a game in progress that’s almost over in Call of Duty. But I do wish that this feature existed in Halo. On the plus side, players can be suspended from the Bungie servers if they make quitting early a habit.


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Daily/weekly challenges

Just another reason I am enjoying the crap out of Halo Reach. The daily and weekly challenges are in game tasks that when completed will earn you credits. Getting all the daily challenges in one day earns you and achievement.

Yea it’s the small things in games that make me happy. Seeing that little challenge complete box puts a smile on my face and new armor on my Spartan. Some of these challenges are forcing me to use different tactics of gameplay that I don’t normally use. I’m cool with that though.

Kudos to Bungie for boosting my low Halo self-esteem with these challenges.


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