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Bungie Day 2010

On the seventh day of the seventh month Bungie comes together to say thank you to the fans. This years Bungie Day comes with the gift fire! For today only all players on Halo 3 can equip themselves with a flaming helmet usually reserved for Bungie employees. That’s right people team up and pwn others Ghost Rider style. But only for today so get it while it’s hot!


On behalf of the entire Bungie team, thank YOU for being awesome. We wouldn’t be here without you. Sure, we’d be somewhere, just not here…probably more like the cold damp basement of an rundown school building in Chicago.

Stand strong 7th Column, everything is proceeding exactly as planned. World Domination is quickly coming into reach.


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As many of you gamers know, the 2009 Video Game Awards were held this past weekend. Although Modern Warfare 2 fell short of the Game of the Year award it was able to snag the Best Shooter and Best Multiplayer Awards.

Uncharted 2

As I have seen on many of the forums MW2 players are a little upset that the game was shut out of best game by PS3’s Uncharted 2. Many of those angry gamers are 360 owners who, like myself, have not played the game due to its exclusivity to PS3. What I have seen and heard about Uncharted 2 is nothing but great things and I personally believe it must be an awesome game.

Back to what I do know, MW2 definatly deserved the best shooter and multiplayer. Up against Halo 3: ODST and Left for Dead 2 in both categories there was no doubt that MW2 took home the awards.

A few side notes…

Happy to see Halo 3: ODST get Best Original Score as the music really was memorizing throughout the gameplay.

Also delighted to see Beatles Rockband take home the Best Music Game Award. With all the classic songs and animation it defiantly beats out the Guitar Hero franchise.

What were your thoughts gamers?

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Halo 3 ODST

Halo 3 ODST defiantly gets two thumbs up from me. After finishing the single player campaign today I wished there was more to come from it. Not only was the storyline for this game amazing but the soundtrack left a mark on me too. There are not many games that I can say that the music added a lot to it.

To be perfectly honest I liked ODST better than Halo 3. There is more of a challenge to being an ODST soldier rather than the Spartan Master Chief. I love “Halo jumping” around as much as the next guy but as an ODST your jump range is shortened. You also don’t have the chief’s special armor so finding health is a big deal. These things might sound like a pain but It actually gives you more skill. Use cover and stealthy ways to get your kill. Even better, grab three friends and co-op the Covenant into oblivion.

Does this game deserve the $60 price tag? Although the campaign was a little on the short side the storyline hit the mark. It is a definite replay for me. There is also Firefight mode to play around with. I do wish there was more multi player to this game. I like that they give you Halo 3 multiplayer all on one disk but I think this game deserved its own multiplayer. All in all, money and time well spent.

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Gaming For Two

What could be more romantic then spending the day shooting, killing, and blowing people up (virtually of course) with your significant other? I don’t know about you but it sounds like a good time to me. To most girls this would not be the ideal date.

Now as is said before in a previous post, Xbox Live is not a dating service. Sure there are some cases were people have actually gotten married to someone they met on Xbox Live but its not the case for everyone.

Not all gamer guys are fat, gross nerds that never take there eyes away from the screen. Many are normal boys and men that just play for fun with their friends. My advice to the girlfriends of these guys…get interested. It will make your relationship better. It can get pretty boring when he is playing and having a good time and you are sitting there pissed off that he is not paying attention to you. You don’t have to go out and buy a system but at least start out by watching him play. Ask him questions or try out a split screen game and play with him. You might be surprised how much fun you will have.

I love teaming up with my boyfriend and playing a good round of Halo 3 or Gears of War. Rockband is another good one for girls who arn’t interesting in shooter games. There are plenty of games out there for two players. Find one you both like and have a good time.

To the guys out there, female gamers are out there and our numbers are growing. Learn to play with them and respect them. Keep your tongue in your mouth and don’t drool all over the controller, we’ll just give you a good headshot.


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