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What is Prestige?



1. reputation or influence arising from success, achievement, rank, or other favorable attributes.

2. distinction or reputation attaching to a person or thing and thus possessing a cachet for others or for the public


3. having or showing success, rank, wealth, etc.

Back in the good old days of Call of Duty 4 a definition like that would be attached to the prestige process of COD. These days when it comes to WaW or MW2 no way. I spent my weekend carving out a good chunk of my 5th prestige in WaW. I have never received more 10th lobby messages in my life.

People really have no respect for what prestige actually stands for. They hack their way to the top and then what? So they can say they’re 10th prestige? It’s worth nothing if you don’t earn it. I don’t care if “everyone does it” or it’s a “broken game”. Those who hack 10th are part of the “broken game” problem.

I thought I would be safe from many of those hackers in WaW, and while there are less gameplay issues there are still plenty of hackers. It’s sad to get on a team of 10th hackers and lose. They don’t have the actual skill behind the rank they failed to earn. I’ll take a team of non-prestige over a team of 10th hackers any day.

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A WaW Weekend

Somehow I never get tired of playing this game. While I do still enjoy MW2 every now and again, I can only stand it for so long. I get frustrated with the people playing and the 439048290 messages offering 10th prestige lobbies. Not that WaW doesn’t have both I just find that there is less of it.

From Search and Destroy to (REAL) Capture the Flag to Zombies, that’s how my gaming time was spent this weekend. It makes me smile that there are still thousands of people playing this game even after the release of MW2. With Black Ops coming out the end of this year I predict more people dusting off their WaW and remembering what an awesome job Treyarch did with Their COD title.

So how did the rest of you peeps spend your game time this weekend?

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What do you want from COD: Black Ops?

Treyarch’s own Josh Olin (aka @JD_2020) released this tweet today…

Alright let’s hear all your MP feedback. What did you love, what did you hate about all previous CoD’s? #CODBlackOps

This is your chance people, to get your own word in. Tell JD_2020 what you want or don’t want from the next CoD.

Personally, I want to see a Bare Bones playlist. That is at the top of my wish list and has been since the release of MW2. A playlist that make players rely on REAL skills (if they have any) and not just stacked up killstreaks and lame perks.

I would also request no game ending killstreaks. You should all already know how i feel about nukes.

I love small maps like Dome from WaW. It would be nice to see more of that. Maps that make camping and sniping nearly impossible. It’s good for my run and gun style of play.

I could go on and on but I want to her what you peeps want/don’t want.

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