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Weapons Overload

Oh Borderlands how I love your many weapons. But which ones should I choose to carry with me?

One of Borderlands greatest features is the fact that there are so many different weapons scattered across Pandora. There are literally millions of different weapons variations. High acuracy, high damage, fire damage, you name it. With all those weapons and only a small amount of space to carry them, what do you choose?

It is a smart idea to carry both long and short range weapons. Even if you like taking guys out from afar, the battle can turn into close combat real fast. Find yourself a good sniper and and a good shotgun (and everything in between) Having a vast array of different weapons it a smart idea.

It would also be wise to keep weapons that deal the most damage or can do elemental damage. As your level rises and you discover new places you will find that the enemies also have high levels. Higher damage weapons will assist you in defeating these guys. Also weapons that deal elemental damage, such as fire or electricity, will continue to deal damage after the round has been fired.

As for weapons you don’t care for, pick them up if you have the space. Some weapons are worth good money at the vending machines. Or for those who like to keep everything they pick up, check out the DLC called Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot. There you will find a Bank that can be used to store your many items.

Your main objective is to stay alive. You need weapons that are going to help you do so. So be smart with what you carry. It’s all about how you fight but don’t get caught carrying all one type of weapon. That will get you killed fast.

Happy hunting!

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With all the excitement of Modern Warfare 2 I have neglected to discuss the first person shooter RPG game Borderlands. The first thing I must say is that if you loved Fallout 3 you will love this game. It will steal your life away the very same way Fallout 3 did.

Many gamers were skeptical of this game due to its use of cel-shading or “cartoon” look. I tell those people to look past that one piece and look at the actual gameplay. Just because it looks like a cartoon doesn’t mean it acts like one. One of the biggest things that reeled me into this game is the variety of weapons. There are literally thousands of weapons to blow your enemies apart with. Enemies that include MIDGETS!!!!

Another thing I love about this game is the co-op. Grab your friends to play this game. The loot you find is better but at the same time the enemies are tougher. Or your can duel your friends. Put your weapons to the test against each other and see who comes out on top.

This game was released in October and there is already DLC. A Zombie Island has been added today for your enjoyment. New quests, items and all the fun of killing zombies. This content looks promising and is on my list of things to do other than MW2.

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