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Bioshock Infinite Gamplay footage!!!

I don’t even have words for this…


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OMG!!! Another Bioshock!!

I am beyond excited for this game. Bioshock(the original) Is pretty much my all time favorite game. I know, I know hard to believe giving the amount of love I give to COD. But Bioshock is more than just a game, it’s a freakin work of art. The colors, the images, the feel, the stories, just all of it is amazing.

Here a little taste of what’s ahead…


So to the skies we go from the watery depths of Rapture. A new canvas to spread the Bioshock awesomeness. We might lose that dark and rusty color but I look forward to the new venue. I have a lot of faith in this franchise and their ability to give the gamers an epic story.


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