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A little help from your squad

I’ve said it many times before and I shall say it again, Battlefield Bad Company 2 encourages players to work as a team. Nothing is worse than getting into a game where everyone is running around like chickens with their heads blown off. Make some friends and make a squad.

One of the greatest advantages to creating and working with a squad is the spawning. If your on your own, you are restricted to spawning in the same way far off area over and over. In a squad, your teammates are like mobile spawn points. It allows you to jump right back into the thick of the battle beside your teammate.

The other most obvious advantage to a squad is coverage. If you’re going in to plant the explosive wouldn’t it be great to have a sniper on the hill picking off enemies while you work your magic? Use strategy with your squad mates. Don’t just carry the same class, barrel in and expect the enemy to let you plant the bomb. You will all die and the other team will have a good laugh at your expense.

So put your friendly hat on and go find some squad mates.

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Good thoughts for Bad Company 2

It has been one week since the release of EA’s Battlefield Bad Company 2. I have finished the single player campaign and gotten a few multiplayer games under my belt. In all honesty this game is great but not great enough to surpass the behemoth that is Modern Warfare 2.

The single player storyline was full of action and even had a few good laughs. The bond that connected the four characters sucked me into everything they said and did. If I can bond with a video game character and want to see where their story takes me, the game is worth every penny I spent on it.

As for the MP, I’m still getting the hang of it. I must tone down my fast paced “run and gun” tactics of Call of Duty. My favorite thing about the BFBC2 MP is that it is just straight up game play action. No glitchers, hackers, or boosters. Just team on team competing for a win. Never mind the all the killstreaks that just take the focus away from the actual objective.

It’s nice to have something different in my game collection but I see myself going back to MW2 soon. As much as I love the simple game play of BFBC2, I miss the speed of MW2. “Run and Gun” is what I do best. In Battlefield, I feel myself sitting back a little more. Maybe I just need more practice, or just a better squad. I’m not giving up on this MP just yet.

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Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Watch out Modern Warfare 2, there’s a new kid coming to town on March 2, 2010. But will Battlefield: Bad Company 2 really pose a threat to the ever popular Call of Duty series? With all the glitches and hacks going on with MW2 right now many gamers are debating the idea of trading in their MW2 for the new Bad Company in March.

Within the last few months EA has not only produced a public beta for the game but also a demo. Two things that many players say would have helped save MW2 in the long run from all the problems we are seeing now. To players BFBC2 (demo)  is a breath of fresh air from the shenanigans of MW2.

Its smooth glitch free gameplay is not as fast paced as its rival and seems to put more emphasis on team work. Something that is hard to find on MW2. There are tanks and helicopters to deal with and a lone wolf trying to protect the base by himself will find it pretty difficult.

Personally I don’t know how I feel about the game yet. I don’t see myself trading MW2 anytime soon but after playing the demo I might find myself shelling out the cash for Battlefield: Bad Company 2

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