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A little help from your squad

I’ve said it many times before and I shall say it again, Battlefield Bad Company 2 encourages players to work as a team. Nothing is worse than getting into a game where everyone is running around like chickens with their heads blown off. Make some friends and make a squad.

One of the greatest advantages to creating and working with a squad is the spawning. If your on your own, you are restricted to spawning in the same way far off area over and over. In a squad, your teammates are like mobile spawn points. It allows you to jump right back into the thick of the battle beside your teammate.

The other most obvious advantage to a squad is coverage. If you’re going in to plant the explosive wouldn’t it be great to have a sniper on the hill picking off enemies while you work your magic? Use strategy with your squad mates. Don’t just carry the same class, barrel in and expect the enemy to let you plant the bomb. You will all die and the other team will have a good laugh at your expense.

So put your friendly hat on and go find some squad mates.

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Absolute Destruction

Battlefield Bad Company 2 gives us the return of “Destruction 2.0”. This system allows for the destruction of objects and buildings within the game environment. I don’t just mean smashing a window or a door. I mean taking out whole walls or even an entire building.

It makes for a more realistic gaming experience. One minute you could be safe peeking through a window of a two story building. Next thing you know, an RPG is heading right for you. Boom! No more cover and you’re down to a single story house.

See an enemy ducking behind some wooden crates? A round from a machine gun will take that and your enemy out. Don’t forget that this tactic works both ways, so don’t get caught covering behind flimsy cover.

Use destruction to your own advantage and have fun doing it!

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Get ready to take the Battlefield

The much anticipated sequel to Battlefield Bad Company is due to release on Tuesday March 2nd. Much of the Modern Warfare 2 community has been anxiously awaiting this game. Fed up gamers are ready for the smooth glitch and hack free gameplay they saw in the demo.

In all honesty I believe that this game will give MW2 a run for it’s money. I’m not saying MW2 will lose players altogether, but it will take a hit. The way IW is ignoring the cries from players to fix the game does not help their case. I don’t plan to trade it in anytime soon but I am going to put it down for a while. I, like many others, are ready for something different. Something that doesn’t make me want to chuck the controller at my TV.

BC2 brings a few differences to its COD counterpart. The biggest one being dedicated severs. Long waits to get into a multiplayer game are the bane of gamers existence. You sit down after a long day at work and all you want to do is shoot a few people. But your sitting in the game lobby for 10 minutes before anything happens. Sound familiar? ::cough:: MW2 ::cough::

Gamers will also be able to use the party chat feature on XBL for this game. Something that MW2 removed to prevent cheating. The only thing it really did was give the mute button a lot of action. No one want to hear 12 year olds singing or shouting obscenities. I”ll chat with my friends thank you.

As for actual gameplay, the demo was really promising. It will take some time to get used to the slower tactics but I’m ready for something different.

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