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Unlikely LEGO Games

As much fun as LEGO video games are, there are plenty of movies or games that should never be LEGOfied. Here are a few that I doubt we’ll ever see as a LEGO video game. Or at least we shouldn’t.

Lego Call of Duty


As amusing as it would be, I don’t think parents would look to kindly on it when they buy it for their kids thinking it’s another wholesome LEGO game.

LEGO Twilight


Somehow I fear this one might actually happen. But it really shouldn’t. Sadly I’m sure the little girls would go crazy for even the shirtless LEGO figures.

LEGO Avatar


Mostly because they would think they need it in 3D.

What other games/movies should not go down the LEGO path?

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Posted by on July 12, 2010 in LEGO


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The Cost of Good Looks

Looking good is never cheap. You have to shell out the big bucks if you want the designer labels. But should this apply to virtual clothing and costumes? The last Xbox Live update included the anticipated Avatar Marketplace. Pre-update, users were able to dress their avatar how they like for free with what was provided. Additions were scarce and favored males for the most part (my female opinion). Post update, users are now able to buy clothing and accessories to dress up their avatar. The free clothing is also still an option.

The big question from everyone is… Is it really worth it? Well that depends on the person. If you want to spend 400 Microsoft points($5) on a virtual lightsaber than go right ahead. There are many out there who would call you crazy for spending money on something you will never touch. Personally I would not spend the points on that. Now a Boston Bruins jersey for my avatar, that’s a different story.

Each time a new set of clothing and accessories is released there is a wave of complaints. “It’s too expensive” “who would spends points on that”. Over and over every time. What does everyone expect? If an idea that has the prospect of making money than there will be a price tag. It’s another place to learn that nothing in life is free.

It’s all about your own style and how you want to be viewed. How is the avatar marketplace different than real life? You buy and wear the clothes that make you feel good and express you as an individual. They not be real and if you feel that strongly about it don’t buy anything. No one is forcing you to. So let’s stop pretending to be surprised and outraged after each wave of new stuff. If sure there are bigger things to worry about.

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