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Nintendo Announces 3DS

Another non-surprise for E3, Nintendo shows off the 3Ds. But very different that expected.


It has a wider top screen: a 3.5 inch wide display,

includes a slider control to choose the degree of 3D, from “none” to “all.”

Improved graphics capability from the current generation of DS.

Will feature a “slide pad” controller.

Contains motion and gyro sensors.

Compatible with Nintendo DSi.

Two camera lenses on the outside allows you to take photos and view in 3D!

Capable of displaying 3D Hollywood movies. No titles yet, but Disney, WB and Dreamworks will have trailers on the thing.

WI-fi compatible. No monthly fee for online.

All of that without the need for 3D glasses. Now I’ve never been a fan of the idea of 3D gaming but this thing looks pretty sweet. Also you can control “how 3D” you want your experience. Defiantly a plus for those of us anti-3D players.

Honestly the technology put into this new DS has me eating my words from previous posts. Clearly this is not the same old DS re-done with 3D. Nintendo clearly put everything they had into this new handheld and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.


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