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Avatar Kinect

I’m not going to lie, Avatar Kinect looks pretty cool. At the Microsoft keynote last night at CES 2011 this new feature debuted. The Xbox 360 Kinect will soon be able to recognize facial expressions and lip movement. Gamers will be able to “hang out” in virtual chat rooms where they can converse using their avatars. These conversations can also be recorded and uploaded to facebook.

Take a look…


I’m not really a chatty Kathy on XBL. I don’t see myself using this feature very much. But for those that are, this really is a sweet new feature. Pretty amazing that Kinect will be able to capture your expressions.

Thoughts? Do you plan on using this upcoming feature?


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Get ready for Winter on Xbox Live

This week’s Deal of the Week on Xbox Live is rightly named Winter Wonderland. From cold weather themed Avatar items to the blustery Snowblind Map Pack for Gears 2.


Get prepared for Winter (in the Northern Hemisphere) with the following Winter themed Xbox LIVE Marketplace items that are on sale for Xbox LIVE Gold members:

Item Normally This week Savings
South Park LGTDP 800 400 50%
Polar Panic 800 400 50%
Burton Feelgood Snowboard (female) 240 120 50%
Burton Custom Snowboard (male) 240 120 50%
Burton RED Hi Fi Helmet 160 80 50%
Gingerbread Man 240 120 50%
Gears of War 2 Snowblind Map Pack 400 160 60%
NHL 3-on-3 400 200 50%

These prices will be available for Xbox LIVE Gold members until Monday December 13th

Note: The South Park price is currently not reflecting the special price on While we work on fixing that, you can head to your console where the special price is available.

Those are actually some sweet deals. I might have to check out NHL 3-on-3. It’s hard to pass up cheap prices like that. If you don’t have the Snowblind pack I highly recommend getting it if you still play Gears 2.

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Xbox modding case dismissed

Unfortunately the above idiot who was arrested and charged with allegedly breaching the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 was dismissed of said charges today in court. The individual above is 28 year old Matthew Crippen.


The government charged that Crippen, a hotel car-parking manager, ran a small business from his Anaheim home modifying the firmware on Xbox 360 optical drives to make them capable of running pirated or unauthorized games.

Some shotty work by the prosecution has lead them to dismiss the case “based on fairness and justice.” ( has great coverage from the past few days on the case)

From what I’ve read about the case, this guy was making money off of modding consoles. He then tried to defend himself by saying it was only so people could back their games up. Yep I’m sure that’s all people will do with their modded consoles. Your trusted customers would never rent/borrow tons of games only to make illegal copies to play (note my sarcasm).

Had this guy kept to himself and not blatantly advertised his modding services he could have stayed under the radar like wayyyyy too many other modders out there. Hopefully we’ll see some other cases like this in the future that are successful. Pirating games  is illegal. I’d be the first to tell you that gaming is an expensive hobby but pirating games is basically like stealing money. Money that allows developers to keep putting out great games.

Support the industry and don’t cheat the system by modding.


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XBL Rewards ready for launch

You know how at grocery stores you scan your little plastic rewards key ring thing and you get free stuff or money off? Well Xbox Live is jumping on that bandwagon and launching Xbox Live Rewards. Earn Microsoft Points just for doing stuff you already do anyways!

So go sign up at!! It’s quick, easy, and you’d have to be pretty dumb to pass up free Microsoft Points. Just sayin.

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