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You’re a wizard [insert your name here]

With the opening of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 last Friday I figured it would be appropriate to plug the video game version.

It’s been a long time since I have played a non-LEGO version Harry Potter game. I’m not a huge fan of movie based games since the usually end up to be crap. Since I haven’t played/bought this latest installment I only have videos to go by. So check it out what had to say…


While the Kinect enabled parts look like fun it seems like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 video game will go down with all the other crappy movie based games. Collecting dust on the shelves at GameStop.

Go see the movie!!

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My name is Viktor Reznov…

Ok so I’m going to be a little geek/fangirlish for a minute here while I talk about Victor Reznov.

SP Spoiler Alert (sort of)

Rumors were floating long before the release of Black Ops, that we would see the return of Viktor Reznov. If you are unfamiliar with him, chances are you didn’t play World at War.

Besides the fact that Reznov is voiced brilliantly by Gary Oldman, there are other reasons why I was so freakin excited to see his return in Black Ops.

There are only a handful of video game characters who really make a profound impact on me. Reznov makes my list. In Black Ops we find that he has been captured and taken to Vorkuta. Time behind those walls and bars did not dampen his spirit or his deep love for Mother Russia. He holds his homeland close to his heart and would do anything to protect it and it’s people.

There are some great values tucked away in Reznov’s story and the entire SP that I think too many people over look. There is more to a game than it’s MP. Personally I love a good story. Call of Duty Black Ops had an amazing one. Like a book that I couldn’t put down, I found myself hooked to this SP. So take some time away from pwning noObz and give the campaign a shot. It’s well worth it.


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Awesome Super Scribblenauts is Awesome

As I am not quite ready to pass judgment on Medal of Honor yet let me send some love along to the Nintendo DS crowd. Yes I very much neglect my DS, at least until something good/the next Pokemon comes out. Super Scibblenauts is one of those good games I dusted off my DS for.

If you played the first Scribblenauts you already know that crazy things can happen in this game since you can create almost anything just by typing it in. Notice how I said ALMOST anything. I know a few people who tested the limits but it clearly states in at the start of both of these games that you cant use vulgarity. So minds out of the gutter people.

Anyways, new to this game is the introduction of the use of adjectives. For those who failed grammar an adjective is a word used to modify a noun or pronoun. They give you more information about the noun/pronoun you are referring to.

Swords created with adjectives

So if you want Maxwell to have a giant sword or a golden sword all you have to do is type it and you shall have it. The use of adjectives will help you tremendously in some of the levels of Super Scribblenauts. Especially the ones that encourage you to use them.

Another major improvement in this game is ability to toggle your controls. In the first game we were forced to use the stylus to move Maxwell through the different levels. I know I failed many a level due to the crappy stylus control and Maxwell would drown/get eaten/fall to his death. So if you, like me, freakin hated that switch the controls up to use the D-Pad and buttons. It really makes a huge difference.

So it may not be a hardcore action adventure game but it is an amusing puzzle game. You’ll be surprised at how challenging it can get. So open up your imagination and create awesome and hilarious things to get Maxwell though the levels.

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Summer of Arcade: Monday Night Combat

If you were going to buy any one game in this Summer of Arcade Monday night Combat would be it. In my opinion of course.

I got my first glimpse of this game back at PAX East in March. Crowds of people huddled around the screens waiting for their chance to try their hand at the game. It looked like a decent game but I of course forgot all about it until this Summer.

MNC is a third person shooter that takes place in different battle arenas. In Blitz mode your mission is to protect your Money Ball from wave after wave of robots that want to destroy it. You can take on these bots with a buddy in spit screen or with up to 3 three others over Xbox LIVE.

Money Ball

Rather take on human enemies? In Crossfire mode you not only have to protect your own Money Ball but your real objective is to destroy the opposing team’s Money Ball. Along with the bots you encountered in Blitz mode you must hold your own against a team of six human controlled players.

As for weapons and classes, there are six different characters to play as. Each with different weapons and skills that will aid in your pursuit to destroy the Money Ball.

So if you have the points and are in the market for a good Arcade game hit the download button on this one.

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