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Daily/weekly challenges

Just another reason I am enjoying the crap out of Halo Reach. The daily and weekly challenges are in game tasks that when completed will earn you credits. Getting all the daily challenges in one day earns you and achievement.

Yea it’s the small things in games that make me happy. Seeing that little challenge complete box puts a smile on my face and new armor on my Spartan. Some of these challenges are forcing me to use different tactics of gameplay that I don’t normally use. I’m cool with that though.

Kudos to Bungie for boosting my low Halo self-esteem with these challenges.


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Reach Rocks!

Bungie really put everything they had into their last Halo game. It is just awesome.

Now as I’ve said before, I’m not a huge Halo fangirl or anything but I do enjoy it. I’m almost finished with the single player campaign and I have to say I will be sad to finish. Halo Reach single player is an awesome story.

One of my favorite things about this story is that you really put yourself in it.  Everyone plays as Noble 6 but not everyone’s Noble 6 will look alike. Guy or girl? What color armor? What kind of armor? Make your choices and join the fight to defend the planet of Reach against the Covenant.

I haven’t fully explored the MP but that is next on my list once I complete the SP. So how is everyone enjoying Reach? Love, hate, frustration? I want to hear it!

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Reach Day!

Well I didn’t snag it at midnight I did head out this morning to pick up my copy of Halo Reach. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into it as I have been desperate for a new game. Reach has come to save me from the game drought.

Shout out to @DEMONxMYQx for sending some pics of his Reach awesomeness

Lucky guy got a temporary tattoo with it.

Shout out to @KAIZER_SOSA for his unboxing videos




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Reach is coming!

I bet all my talks of Call of Duty Black Ops has made you think I don’t care about the release of Halo Reach tomorrow. Wrong! I’m actually pretty pumped about it. Not as excited to go get it at midnight but I will be picking it up sometime tomorrow.

While my main gaming focus is on November 9th, Halo Reach is in my mind. If you remember I did have a chance to play the beta back in May and found it quite enjoyable. While I won’t lie that my Halo skills are not that great I liked the new additions to the MP.

But personally I am a fan of the Halo single player more than the MP. Not because I suck at the MP but because, well they tell a good story and I can’t wait to hear Reach’s.

So who’s going out a midnight for this one?


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