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Get ready to Annihilate

The Annihilation Map Pack is incoming Black Ops fans. Staying with tradition, the map pack includes four MP maps and one zombie maps and will go for the price of 1200 Microsoft Points. Like the previous map packs Annihilation will drop on Xbox 360 first and then hit PS3 and PC about a month later.

I have to say I’m most looking forward to Hazard as it is based off of the World at War map Cliffside. I’m not going to lie, I am a huge fangirl for W@W. Always have, always will. Now I’m not usually a fan of “remaking” maps as MW2 did with COD4 maps but this is a little different. They have taken the map itself and turned it into a golf course! Remaking the map into something totally new and different.

Check out what these maps will have to offer with this sweet trailer…



So what do you peeps think? Excited? Let down? Let me know!

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Hands on with CoD Elite

On Monday June 6th I was lucky enough to get a hands on look at what Call of Duty Elite was all about. Holy crap was I impressed. Now I’m not going to lie, when this service was first announced I was pretty skeptical like many gamers. It’s just one of those reactions people have when they think they might have to pay for something that they think “should be free”. But the reality is, a lot of what CoD Elite is offering, is totally FREE!

My buddy II FOXHOUND II on the official Call of Duty Forums, was kind enough to create this list of the free features offered…

A selection of Elite’s free features will let you:

• Access Elite through the web as well as Elite’s free custom iOS and Android applications for smartphones and tablets.
• Communicate any way you want across mobile, console and the web with your friends.
• Track and share thousands of stats with friends – k/d ratios, score-per-minute, win % and loads more, all represented in easy to understand charts and infographics.
• Create your own custom leaderboards to track friendly rivalries – who is moving up and down in your group of friends?
• Analyze advanced heat maps detailing your match-by-match performance – where you killed or got killed, when it happened, and more.
• Analyze your weapons performance – which weapons you are best with in which situations.
• Upload and share videos of your greatest moments through our exclusive theater mode with the touch of a button
• After you analyze your performance to your heart’s content – Customize your loadout – search through all the weapons, attachments and perks, and push them directly into the game menu from the web or your mobile device with the touch of a button.
• Join dozens of groups and find other players with common interests to play with and compete against – find people who make the game the most fun for you – TDM, Lakers’ fans, Weekend Warriors.
• Create a Clan with players who share your interests and taste for competition.
• Bring your Facebook friends right into the game, easily taking your existing network into the Call of Duty experience.
• Seamlessly be placed into Groups with those who share your affinities and interests based on your Facebook profile.
• Start tracking your Call of Duty career – everything you wanted to know about your performance across the franchise starting with Black Ops.

ALLLLLLLLL of that, without even spending a cent. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me. Personally I’m looking forward to creating and being a part of groups. I happen to have an unhealthy obsession with Harry Potter and the Boston Bruins. With CoD Elite I would be about to create of join a group that shares those interests. So if I want to pwn noObs and talk about how dreamy Alan Rickman is, I can totally do that!

At the event I attended I was able to go through and see what CoD Elite looks like and how it is set up. You wouldn’t believe how in depth this site is with your stats. Check out the heat maps to see where you are getting killed most often. Study the spawn and objective points to get the most out of your gameplay. I was able to play a few matches and then go back and check out my in depth stats on the site.

Call of Duty Elite is a huge step for gameplay improvement and connectivity amongst players. While we were not privy to what might be included in the Premium (paid) membership, there is a ton of stuff to get excited for that is completely FREE.

Call of Duty Elite will officially launch with Modern Warfare 3 in November. But there will be a beta that will be up and running on Black Ops to test and prep for the real deal.

Personally I can’t wait for this to get up and running. If you haven’t signed up to be a part of the beta, what are you waiting for?! Sign up here.

Thoughts? Questions? Love/Hate? Let me know!


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Call of Duty Elite


If you care about Call of Duty, you know about today’s first look at Call of Duty Elite. If you have no idea what the hell I’m talking about, see the video below and educate yourself.


First of all, since it needs to be said, YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR MP!!!! It seems that even after all the explanations every site has given people still seem to think this service is pay to play mp. IT’S NOT.

Now that I got that out of the way, COD Elite will be a service offered to all players for free with some undisclosed paid features. I am sure we will hear about those features in the future. Until then speculation will run wild over the internet. But I stick to listening to what @FourZeroTwo, @JD_2020, and @DavidVonderhaar have to say as far as intel goes. They are the official sources for COD info.

For now, COD Elite looks like a pretty interesting addition to the ever growing franchise. Social networking and sharing combined with a great game. For the haters out there, try and hold your judgement until you see everything. I know that’s a tall order for the COD community, but give it a try.


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C.O.D.E Memorial Day Campaign

Get involved on the Call of Duty Endowment Facebook Page and honor the Veterans this Memorial Day weekend.


Activision’s Call of Duty Endowment and Hire Heroes USA
Launch Memorial Day Campaign to Encourage More Jobs for Veterans
Facebook Campaign Will Honor Service-members and Ask the Public to Volunteer to Help Veterans

WASHINGTON—The Call of Duty Endowment announced today the launch of its second Memorial Day campaign to raise awareness for the issue of veterans’ unemployment and encourage the public to find more jobs for veterans. The campaign will also provide a grant to Hire Heroes USA (HHUSA), an organization that provides job training programs to support veterans and finds job placement for veterans.

For every Call of Duty Endowment Facebook fan that volunteers to help veterans by donating their ‘status’ to honor a current military member or veteran, the Call of Duty Endowment will provide an extra dollar to HHUSA’s current $20,000 grant. Fans have from Wednesday, May 25th until Monday, May 30th at 11:59PM PST to donate their status to try and earn HHUSA a grant of $50,000.

The grant awarded by the Call of Duty Endowment to HHUSA, will allow the organization to provide returning veterans with the necessary transitional training programs and essential tools necessary to gain 21st century careers, through their career workshops and job fairs. HHUSA is dedicated to providing service members with post military career help with a personal approach to match career interests and skills to the needs of partnering companies.

Bobby Kotick, CEO, Activision Blizzard, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI) founded the Call of Duty Endowment to support veterans, and explained the reason to pair with HHUSA for a second time, “Last year’s Memorial Day campaign was a huge success and Hire Heroes USA has shown amazing results with their previous funding from the Call of Duty Endowment. We believe that this campaign can be an easy way for the public to volunteer to help veterans, honor those who served, and guide more employers to hiring veterans.”

According to a March report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, male veterans between the ages of 18-24 struggle with an unemployment rate of nearly 22 percent, and women veterans in the same age range experience an unemployment rate of over 15 percent.

Brian Stann, UFC ®130 fighter and President of HHUSA, welcomed the additional funding to his organization noting, “Memorial Day is a time to remember all of our brave heroes who have defended this country and we are thrilled Activision’s Call of Duty Endowment chose us to help honor the men and women of the Armed Forces, and provide more career assistance to returning veterans. As I enter the cage for my UFC® 130 fight in Las Vegas this weekend, I hope others will join in the fight to get more veterans post military career help.”
The Call of Duty Endowment is a non-profit, public benefit corporation, which was created by Activision Blizzard, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI) in November 2009. The organization seeks to help veterans transitioning to civilian life, find work and establish careers, and to assist other organizations that provide career training and job placement for veterans.

Since Activision Blizzard, Inc., the worldwide online and console video game publisher and producer of the Call of Duty® video game established the Call of Duty Endowment it has delivered more than $1,000,000 in grants and scholarships to assist returning veterans with post military career help. This past November, Activision committed another $1 million to the Endowment and pledged to find 1,000 jobs for veterans.


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