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3DS Madness

That’s what it will be tonight in stores across the country. People crawling all over each other to be the first to get their hands on the new 3DS which drops at midnight tonight. I did get a chance to check out Nintendo’s new handheld at PAX East a few weeks back. I have to say I was pretty impressed.

As most of you know, I am a very anti-3D gamer. On many occasions I go on rants spouting off my immense loathing of the very idea. But the 3DS is different. The biggest turn on for me was the easy access and ability to toggle the 3D feature. You can turn it down or even turn it completely off.

The fact that no 3D glasses are required is another big feature I like. When the 3DS was first announced and they told the crowd “no glasses required” I was skeptical. How do you get the 3D effect without special glasses? Are the images distorted to get that effect? My skepticisms were finally laid to rest when I got my hands on it. The images were crystal clear. I played with the 3D effect until I found a setting I liked and off I went.

I left the Nintendo booth with a different idea then when I went into it. While I still have a deep hate for 3D gaming, there is a part of me that enjoys it. To a point of course. The way Nintendo is handling 3D is how I feel all 3D gaming should be handled. I know that is kind of impossible but ideally that’s how I feel. Sans glasses and toggle ability make the 3DS a win in my book.

As for whether or not I’m picking it up on tomorrow/tonight’s launch, that is a big no. Unfortunately the price tag wins this round. But will it be a future purchase for me? I would probably say most likely.


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3DS to have lame battery life

Three to five hours of battery life to be specific. That’s pretty wimpy compared to the amount of time a regular DS can hold up(close to 15 hours). I expect this is because of 3D demands of the new handheld.  Cool graphics cost you some hefty battery life. As for recharging your system, that will take 3.5 hours.

This is not a deal breaker but it is a little annoying. I could go quite a bit of time without charging my DS but then again I don’t play it regularly. I guess the 3DS will not be made for those long plane rides.

3DS specs


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Black Ops with Optional 3D

Those who are avid readers of this blog are familiar with my views on 3D gaming. To put it nicely I don’t think that 3D anything belongs in video games for so many different reasons. But I’ve ranted this all before.

Today we heard from Activision that Call of Duty Black Ops will ship Nov. 9th with 3D compatibility for all platforms. See video below…


I was happy to hear that 3D in Black Ops can be toggled on and off. It’s not a totally separate game you have to buy if you  have the means to play in 3D (i.e. super expensive 3D TV with the super expensive shutter 3D glasses).

That’s how I feel 3D gaming should play out. As an option. It should not be something all gamers should have to conform to. But as 3D gaming is pushed more I worry that there will be no options and 3D is all you get. And I see that happening sooner rather than later unfortunately.

Anyways, some FAQs about this new announcement have been posted at the official Call of Duty Black Ops website. Check out


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3D gaming with side effects?

Oh yes another one of my rants against 3D gaming.


Some people may experience discomfort (such as eye strain, eye fatigue or nausea) while watching 3D video images or playing stereoscopic 3D games on 3D televisions. If you experience such discomfort, you should immediately discontinue use of your television until the discomfort subsides.

It also goes on to recommend parents consult a pediatrician before allowing children under the age of 6 to view the 3D images. It all sounds like a big medication commercial. You know, those ones that half the ad is devoted to some fast talking guy spitting out all the things that could go wrong if you take that medication.

Warnings are nothing new to the gaming experience. Open up any game manual and you’ll probably see the warning about seizures. Most people who are prone to seizure activity are smart enough to stay away from some or all games that might aggravate their condition.

Eyes are a different story. As I’ve stated in past posts, 3D gaming can’t be good for anyone’s vision. Hardcore gamers who sit in front of their TVs for hours on end could end up ruining their vision with prolonged exposure (opinion). Those who get nauseous from FPS will probably be out too when it comes to the 3D experience. Their stomachs will not take too kindly to the 3D images.

As usual I end my rant with, just because 3D is the next logical step doesn’t mean it’s the right way to go.

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