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PAX East inches closer

And I’ll be there to play every game I can get my hands on. Two big name games I hear will be on the floor are Homefront and Gears of War 3. But games and swag aren’t they only thing I’m excited for. Panels are a major staple for the Penny Arcade Expo. With so much packed into each of the three days of this conventions of awesomeness it’s tough to decide which ones to sit in on.

For those of you attending, it might be useful to download the PAX Assistant app on Android. Read up on all the panels, pick and choose to create your personal schedule for the weekend.

So who’s going? I know it’s a big convention center but keep an eye out for me. Or tweet me @bowski477

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Double XP Weekend

In case you haven’t heard Call of Duty Black Ops will be having it’s second double XP weekend in honor of the First Strike Map Pack coming it PS3.

This time around the Xbox 360 users will get a chance to play the “Nuketown 24/7” playlist. I can’t say I will partake in that since I loathe Nuketown with every fiber of my being, but I know many are excited to get in on that action.

So sit back, pwn noObs, and get some x2 XP!

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