PAX East 2011 has come and gone

14 Mar

It was a bitter sweet ending yesterday when I said my good byes, got in my car and watched the convention center disappear from view in my rear view mirror. As exhausted as I was by Sunday, I still didn’t want the weekend to end. PAX East, or any gaming convention for that matter, is a place for gamers to be themselves. A place to totally geek out and gush about what you love. You are completely surrounded by your own kind. Gamers.

I was of course excited to try my hand at Gears of War 3 and Homefront. But I was even more excited to get the chance to meet some pretty freakin cool gamers. Now I have faces to go along with the voices I over Xbox LIVE. Speaking of voices, what could be cooler than meeting someone who does a voice on one of the biggest gaming franchises!?

Carlos Ferro made and appearance at this years PAX East. You might recognize his voice from Gears of War as Dom, and Assassin’s Creed as Leonardo Da Vinci.

I was also able to gush to Stephen Toulouse (aka Stepto) about how awesome the Xbox LIVE Policy Enforcement team is.

PAX East 2011 blew the 2010 version out of the water. I can’t wait for what 2012 will bring next year. So I leave you with the following embarrassing video that was a result of peer pressure. Enjoy!


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