What you didn’t know about Homefront

21 Feb

USA Today was able to have a chat with Rex Dickson, senior level designer at Kaos Studios. He spilled a few things that gamers may not know about the upcoming game due out on March 15th.

Via USA Today

Take two. When Kim Jong Un was cast for Homefront, he had never made a public appearance so no one knew what he looked like. A few months later, he was officially announced as his father’s successor and his image surfaced in the press and was recast with a new look-alike!

Rooted in reality. The Goliath, an in-game unmanned autonomous ground vehicle, was inspired by the real-world vehicle ‘Crusher’ developed by DARPA and Carnegie Mellon.

Not product placementHomefront represents more real world brands than most games, and probably the most in any shooter to date. No payments were made to Kaos, or by Kaos for featuring the real brands. It was all in the name of building a more believable America. Brands featured in Homefront include Hooters, White Castle, Tiger Direct and Nos.

Don’t you work here? Two of the four primary non-playable characters are modeled after real life THQ employees: (executive VP of core games) Danny Bilson’s administrative assistant and the North American PR director.

Fateful trip. On a research trip two years ago, the entire studio was in a major bus accident. Kaos artists used that crash as a static mesh in the game. Yikes.

Love that they are using real world brands. No “Burger Town” in this game. I’m getting more and more excited for this game the closer it gets to release.

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