“No Russian” linked to Moscow Airport Bombing

26 Jan

Surprise, surprise. Another video game linked to violent real world events.


Why is it whenever something like this happens, the media jumps to blame anything and everything. There was a terrorist attack, Call of Duty did it. A car got stolen, Grand Theft Auto did it.

I love how there was no mention at all in the above news report that there is an option to skip the “No Russian” mission. It is very disturbing, there is no denying it. I played the mission and had difficulty pulling the trigger even on video game civilians. But I felt it was an important mission in the game. To give players a perspective on why the War on Terror exists.

To compare the Moscow airport bombing to Modern Warfare 2 is ignorant. While the incident was tragic the only link it has to MW2 is that is happened in a Russian airport. There were no men walking though the airport gunning down people with LMGs.

As for the theory that terrorists are using games like Call of Duty for ideas to apply to real life, that is a load of BS. Are they aware of how silly that sounds? I’m sure the terrorists have plenty of sick ideas without the “help” of American video games.

The bottom line here is that people need to stop blaming video games for the problems in the world today. That goes for TV and books too. Just because they are easy targets to place blame doesn’t mean they are the problem.


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4 responses to ““No Russian” linked to Moscow Airport Bombing

  1. Greg

    January 26, 2011 at 1:21 pm

    Unfortunately this happens because our society always need an out. If a child plays a lot of video games, gets his gun out of his father’s desk draw and shoots a classmate because the classmate didn’t play with him, the video games are the blame. In this situation it is very rare that the parents get the blame though the father kept said gun around with no safety or trigger lock. The same goes for this situation. Because the two happened in Russia, it’s automatic that people will take aim at a game that been out for well over a year and a half.

    Unfortunately people will continue to do this because the games can’t fight back.

  2. Matthew

    January 26, 2011 at 1:45 pm

    I’m sorry but as a Media practitioner, I disagree with the way Media exposes Games as a threat to society, it’s not proven in anyway to not change views of young children, what about movies? Aren’t they the same since they have killing terrorist attacks and so forth. It’s not the games fault nor a movies fault for creating these acts, it’s people using their own free will to do so. I mean unless of course your some person who believes everything the Media says… But why believe it? Is there an actual link or is it more of a reference, things happen, Call of Duty 4 was based around Chernobyl, but wait it’s based around facts and stories, Modern Warfare was based around stories, and a made up storyline, so how in anyway does a game effect a young persons mind? Oh yes that’s because they’re young and can’t control their own free will and actions, but as Greg said going to get his dads weapon, why on earth would the father have a weapon in the household with a child? I think it’s more to do with the childs upbringing and how the parents are, you don’t keep weapons in a house with children unless your somewhat stupid.

  3. Medeiros83

    January 26, 2011 at 1:52 pm

    Did you know Eminem is responsible for kids shooting other kids? It’s ridiculous! We live in a society of people who can’t take responsibility for their own actions & are constantly looking for someone else to blame! Why take responsibility for your child accessing a weapon and shooting another child… It must be Eminems fault, the lyrics in his song says to do that stuff! It must be the director of that movies fault or the writer of that book or that company that made that game! The reality is that ALL people (with exception of the “insane”) are capable of knowing right from wrong and making a good decision, but choose for god knows what reason to commit these acts of Terror! In my opinion any act that harms another is an act of terror!

    People need to start asking themselves is it because we allow these games and movies to be made, books to be written, and songs to be distributed that this stuff happens? Or is it the lack of judgement from parents when raising their children and not taking the time to instill proper morals and values? It is after all the parent taking minors to rated “R” movies and buying their kids mature rated “M” video games!

    As for adults committing crimes… They should know better! There is know body to blame but themselves for their actions as the should have already developed the ability to reason the difference between right and wrong!

  4. memphis_sellers

    January 26, 2011 at 3:18 pm

    What happened to people taking their own responsibility for their own actions? What happened to accounting for evil in our world today? I think we’ll start blaming the brand of toilet paper they used! Yeah, that’s it! Ban that Charmin! After all, Mr. Whipple (the guy in the commercial) used to squeeze it — that meant he was going to do something bad…

    Welcome to the crazy world in which we live.


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