3DS could cause eye damage to young’ins

01 Jan

Word from Nintendo is that children under the age of six should only play the 3DS without the actual 3D feature. Due to the fact that the child’s eyesight is still in development any 3D viewing could impact and damage their eyesight. As for you “adults” it is recommended that you enjoy the 3D feature in 30 minute increments to prevent eye fatigue possible damage. (Warningshave your translator ready)

Eye damage is just one of the many reasons I’ve never really been on board with 3D gaming. With the number of hours that hardcore gamers sit in front of the screen, it’s bound to have an effect on their vision. How many of them do you think will take those breaks after 30 minutes?

One of my favorite features of this upcoming 3DS is the ability to toggle the 3D on and off. I’m sure I’ll give the 3D mode a try but at least I’ll always be able to have to option to turn it off. I love video games and all but 3D images are, to me, not worth ruining my 20/20 vision.

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